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A new scandal in Barcelona after the exchange of bad words between Pique and Griezmann in the Champions League A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Spanish media reported the details of the creation and exchanged insults. Which took place between the Spanish player Gerard Pique, returning from injury, and his colleague in the French team Antoine Griezmann on the pitch in the team match against rival Paris Saint-Germain. Which lasted for five minutes from the course of the meeting.

The match witnessed the great supremacy of the Paris Saint-Germain team and the wonderful brilliance of French star Kylian Mbappe, 22, who was crowned man of the match after scoring a hat-trick. And a goal was scored in the match, despite the absence of Samba Neymar and Argentine Di Maria due to injury.

slanging match

Spanish reports revealed that the 29-year-old French striker, Antoine Griezmann, and his team-mate, 34-year-old Spaniard Gerard Pique, exchanged bad words between the two stars.

When the team was a positive draw with a goal against home rival Paris Saint-Germain. Accusing Pique of neglecting the team match after the disastrous mistakes in defense, the Catalan team.

Reports indicated that the quarrel between the players occurred after Paris Saint-Germain scored. The goal of reducing the difference and a draw against Barcelona in the 38th minute.

Capture camera lenses

The camera lens was also easy to capture the dialogue. Which took place between the Spaniard Gerard Pique and the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, as the Spanish defender shouted at his colleagues in one of the corners, saying: “Damn you, hold the ball more ..”.

A smut between Beck and Griezmann

French striker Griezmann in Barcelona’s Spanish team responded to his colleague. Saying, “Stay calm and do not shout at me,” Pique continued to shout at his colleagues, including his French colleague: “Come on, we want a greater possession of the ball, damn you .. be encouraged.” Besides directing the profane words towards them.

five minutes

The French player Griezmann approached his teammate Pique, telling him: “He stopped screaming 00, then the Spanish defender replied:“ Damn you .., we are suffering, so the argument continues between the players. With the exchange of profanity for five minutes, his teammates got in to quickly solve the matter between them.

Longley intervened

The 25-year-old French defender, Clémon Longlée, intervened, telling them: “Take up positions in all of you, go back, Griezmann,” except that the Spaniard Piqué.

He also continued to exchange words and criticize his colleagues during the course of the match, directing to his teammates: “We are running like crazy on the field.

To answer him the French Griezmann, saying: “I run too.” Then Paris Saint-Germain would execute the fixed corner and return both stars to their position inside the round-ball court.

In a confrontation that witnessed the control and power of the opposing team on its field throughout the match. With the visiting Barcelona team lacking harmony between the players and the shock he received from the PSG host team.

Traveling to France

In the wake of the dispute between Pique and Griezmann, the French striker traveled to his country after losing his team to rival Paris Saint-Germain by four wonderful goals to one goal. For his team Barcelona. And thus provokes the fans and fans of the Catalan Spanish team.

Newspapers and the Spanish media also tried. To chase after Griezmann after leaving his personal car and getting ready and returning to France. To refrain from responding, saying only: “This does not concern you.”

French hat-trick Mbappe

The French player Mbappe, who won the Star of the Match award after scoring three goals on his field “Princes Park”. The goal of reducing the difference and a draw for Paris Saint-Germain came in the 32nd minute, after a wonderful pass from inside the penalty area. To be shot by the player to the left of the Barcelona team.

The second goal of the French star came in the 65th minute with a powerful shot. Came to the right of the Spanish Catalan guest goalkeeper. He also scored the fourth goal after a wonderful pass scored by the player in the 85th minute that came to the right of Barcelona’s German goalkeeper Ter Stegen.

The third goal of the match was scored by Italian striker “Moise Kane”, 20 years old, in the 70th minute, after a wonderful pass by the hat-trick who gave a new performance. In the absence of Brazilian star Neymar from the match due to injury. The player scored with his head at a difficult angle inside the Barcelona visitors’ net.

Dutch come on

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman said in an interview. After his team lost a big score, saying: “Paris Saint-Germain was physically stronger, the result reflects the performance of the match, especially in the second half, and the first half was better and the level was close.”

Pique returns after injury

The match also witnessed the return of the 34-year-old Spanish player in Barcelona, ​​Gerard Pique, to the training of the Spanish team Blaugrana, after an injury that was absent from the stadiums for nearly 3 months.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca”, which is close to the Barcelona team, was published earlier. That Spain’s Pique is a defender of the Catalan team. He will return to the starting line-up of Barcelona’s Spanish team against strong rival Paris Saint-Germain.

The final decision was made after the participation of Spanish defender Pique in group exercises by the team management and the medical device. On being included in the squad against rival Paris Saint-Germain after the group training sessions last Monday.

Barcelona captain Gerard Pique also injured his knee ligaments on November 21 last year, in a strong match against league leaders Atletico Madrid at the start of this season.

For the second time with the French Paris Saint-Germain team, the 29-year-old Brazilian star Neymar Jr. is far from completing his participation with his PSG team in the Champions League competitions due to injury.

The management of Saint-Germain announced that its star Neymar would be absent from the stadiums for the next 6 weeks due to his injury, to miss Barcelona’s next match, back and forth.

The next home game

A rematch is scheduled to take place after today’s match. Between both competitors in the second leg of the 16th European Champions League in the “Parc des Princes”, the stronghold of Paris Saint-Germain, “PSG”, on the twenty-fourth of this month.

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