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A newspaper reveals the scenes of what happened in Cairo between the Palestinian factions | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A report by the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper revealed the scenes of the Cairo dialogues that began last week between 14 Palestinian factions, including Fatah and Hamas.

The Lebanese newspaper’s report bore the title: “Backstage in the Cairo Dialogue: An arduous road to reach the bare minimum!”

The report said: “It was not very unlikely that the Palestinian dialogue would be concluded last Monday and Tuesday. At the headquarters of the Egyptian General Intelligence in Cairo, by consensus on most of the procedures related to the Palestinian elections.

The report added: “Perhaps the prior optimism for this result is due to the level of Egyptian care, as well as the speed of abuse. With the Palestinian demand to open the Rafah crossing.

And the report continued: “Within hours of the start of the sessions, it was announced that the work of this one outlet for the Gaza Strip would resume indefinitely.”

Ambiguous items

The newspaper pointed out that the consensus statement consisting of fifteen items included some ambiguous items that might return matters. To the first square upon execution.

The report described the consensus statement as a “statement of the minimum,” adding: “Rather, the road to reaching it was filled with obstacles that were met with Egyptian insistence. On the need to dissolve it or postpone discussion. ”

According to the report, this is based on the insistence of the Minister of Intelligence, Abbas Kamel, to end any dispute in support of the Palestinian cause. That stands at a crossroads, and you need to be at the heart of one man.

Abbas Kamel

During the opening of the dialogue session, and then commenting on the words of the delegations of the factions, Kamel said that Egypt has for more than seventy years been a partner with you. Noting that everyone faces a historic opportunity that will not be repeated. The date will be recorded for you or on you.

He continued, “Time is limited before us, and we have two options: Either we succeed, or we succeed.”

In order to reach an agreement, he called on all delegations to “have their meetings open and to take their time in their country, Egypt,” adding: “Do not get me wrong, you must leave this dialogue in agreement.”

And he added, “I will ask the prime minister to close all air, land and sea crossings so that you do not leave before your agreement.”

Regarding the elections, the Egyptian minister said that his country does not want the results to turn into a “conflict between the Palestinians.”

Hidden understandings between Fatah and Hamas

On the other hand, according to the report, the factions submitted various demands; There are those who called for removing the ambiguity in the presidential election decree, which stipulated the election of the president of the State of Palestine. Because the president of the state must be elected by the Prime Time Zone at home and abroad. And the decree must be related to the head of the authority.

The report added, “It seems that this observation was taken into account, as the elections for the presidency of the Authority were mentioned in the first item of the final statement when talking about the elections.”

The report continued: “The words recorded almost unanimous agreement to neutralize the Constitutional Court from supervising the elections, and to form a special court of 9 judges: 4 from the West Bank, 4 from Gaza and 1 from Jerusalem, or 11 judges: 5 from the West Bank, 5 from Gaza and 1 from Jerusalem.”

According to the report, some factions have raised the ceiling of their demands, and suggested discussion of the current and future national strategy and the PLO as an inclusive framework for the Palestinian Prime Time Zone on the agenda.

The report indicates that the session witnessed demands from Fatah and Hamas to announce the details of the bilateral understanding between them. This was denied by the head of the Fatah delegation, Jibril Rajoub, and the head of the Hamas delegation, Saleh al-Arouri.

They said that there are no understandings outside of what is known, specifically about a joint list agreed upon between them.

The elections legitimize the division!

Al-Arouri rejected what was said about “elections legitimize the division,” saying: “We want elected bodies that have the legitimacy of the Fund, and no one can impose himself on the Prime Time Zone, neither by democracy nor by force of arms.”

He added: “The starting point of this path is not based on holding elections only, but rather from the position of confronting the Deal of the Century, and that is why Brother Ismail Haniyeh continued with Brother Mahmoud Abbas. And extend a hand of cooperation and coordination with Fatah and the factions ».

He affirmed his movement’s support for holding elections for the National Council because it represents the Prime Time Zone abroad, and that the principle is elections, and we agree on the alternative wherever this is not possible.

With regard to rights and freedoms, he said: “We need a legal formula to be announced by Brother Abu Mazen, Brother Abu Ibrahim (Yahya Sinwar). He said: If Fatah takes a step, we will take three steps.”

He pointed out that Hamas is interested in the presence of observers from any Arab or foreign country, with Egypt at the forefront, pointing at the same time to the need for a national unity government after the elections.

Drafting the closing statement

Regarding the second day of the dialogue, the newspaper report said that it began with a morning session in which the supervisor of the Palestinian file in the Egyptian intelligence, Major General Amr Nazmi, spoke. On the desire to form a committee to draft the final statement.

The newspaper pointed out that this came after the presence of points of agreement in the words and interventions of the participants that could be reflected in the statement.

The newspaper added, “But an argument revolved around the contents of the statement, and after an hour Nazmi suggested forming a committee of seven Prime Time Zone to draft it, and this did not appeal to a number of those present.”

The general said: “We have no objection to all participants being represented by one or two.”

And the newspaper continued: “Indeed, most of the delegations sent two Prime Time Zone to represent them, and thus the first session was adjourned, and the committee went to draft the statement.”

The draft was prepared in advance

According to the newspaper, the draft statement was prepared in advance from the evening of the first day in coordination with the official in charge of the Palestinian file. In the Egyptian intelligence, Major General Ahmed Abdel Khaleq.

She added: “The drafting committee was supervised by Major General Nazmy in the presence of a team of intelligence. The discussion in the statement committee took four hours, which was not without altercations and tension.

The newspaper indicated that this committee represented Hamas Khalil Al-Hayya and Hussam Badran, while Fatah was Azzam Al-Ahmad and Rouhi Fattouh.

The newspaper said: “After the committee completed its work, the session was resumed, and the statement was read by organizers, then the space was opened for an hour-long discussion that was hot, especially with the attempts of some participants to add new items.”

Fist fights

And the newspaper continued: “This provoked the Fatah movement, and altercations took place that nearly reached a fist fight had it not been for Abdel Khaleq’s intervention.”

The newspaper continued: “At the end of the discussion, Nazmi was keen to take some observations that do not contradict the general trend.”

And she continued: “After these amendments were made, the statement was read in its final form, and the attendees were informed that he would come out for full viewing. Asking everyone to stay in the hall because the minister will attend the closing session.

The newspaper said: “After more than an hour, the latter attended and the session began with a word from him. He opened it jokingly:“ Before I came to you. I lifted the travel ban for you. ”

The newspaper added: “After thanking everyone, he announced that Egypt would welcome another meeting next month, stating that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. He was in constant contact to follow the course of this dialogue.

The newspaper pointed out that Minister Abbas Kamel informed the factions that Sisi is pleased with the results that have been reached, and that he communicates his blessing.

The newspaper concluded: “After he finished his speech, he asked the heads of the Hamas and Fatah delegations to deliver two words that did not go beyond their thanks to Egypt. And their willingness to implement the agreement.

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A newspaper reveals the scenes of what happened in Cairo between the Palestinian factions |  A nation is tweeting out of tune