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Activists on the communication sites drew attention to the activity of a page loyal to the fugitive Palestinian leader, Muhammad Dahlan, in launching posts inciting Tunisians to violence and supporting the coup and financing them through Facebook in order to reach the largest number.

Page loyal to “Mohamed Dahlan”

The “Presidential Guard” page loyal to Muhammad Dahlan published inciting pictures against Ghannouchi and the Ennahda party, and the Tunisians’ instigator commented on the violence: “The Tunisian Prime Time Zone declare it a revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood (Ennahda) party, and Tunisian revolutionaries storm their headquarters in all Tunisian states and burn them.”

And the post of the page loyal to Muhammad Dahlan continued, “And celebrations in Tunisia after the decisions of President Qais bin Said and calls for youth in Gaza to follow in the footsteps of the Tunisian Prime Time Zone and get rid of darkness.”

Analysts believe that the storming and closing of Al Jazeera’s office and preventing it from filming in Tunisia, and the subsequent ban on Arab television from filming in front of Parliament, in conjunction with allowing all media owned by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to operate and broadcast live, reinforces suspicions that there are Emirati hands that move what is happening.

It is noteworthy that this coup was announced by Qais Saeed, only 4 days after he called the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed.

Search for the Emirates

A sharp wave of criticism has been launched on social media since midnight yesterday, after Tunisian President Kais Saied announced the coup against Parliament, the government and the Public Prosecution Office.

Tunisian President Kais Saied had announced, in a televised speech, that he had suspended the parliament’s work, lifted the immunity of its members, and relieved the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Mashishi, and assumed the presidency of the Public Prosecution.

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In his speech during a meeting with security and military leaders, Saeed added that he decided to take over the executive authority with the help of a prime minister who would appoint him himself, threatening that “whoever fires a single bullet, our armed military and security forces will confront him with a barrage of bullets.”

Qais Said’s announcement sparked widespread anger in the political and human rights community through social media, as the majority of those who rejected Said’s declaration were a “complete coup” against the Prime Time Zone and the executive authority.

Many politicians and jurists also confirmed that this “coup” had been planned for months with Emirati help, and some even described it as the “fourth UAE coup.”

Tunisian Revolution

Many activists bemoaned the outcome of the Tunisian revolution, the first revolution of the Arab Spring, while some warned, saying that the expected reaction of the Tunisian Prime Time Zone and elites to Said’s announcement is now a decisive response that will determine the fate of Tunisia as a whole, adding that Tunisia will either go to the fate of Egypt 2013 or the fate of Turkey 2016. .

Others described what Said had done as an “adventure without horizon” that would lead Tunisia into a dark tunnel and a stage of wandering.

While others called for parliament to dismiss the Tunisian president, stressing that Article 88 of the Tunisian constitution allows parliament to dismiss the president in case he violates the constitution.

The activists emphasized that the most dangerous sentence said by Saeed in his televised speech was: “Whoever shoots the army will face a hail of bullets,” explaining this as “announcing the fight against violence and potential terrorism,” and wondering: “Will the war on terrorism be a way out of the coup, as happened in Egypt? ?”

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