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A Palestinian exposes the racism of a Lebanese company and reveals what happened with him | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A Palestinian activist residing in Lebanon revealed a stance he had been subjected to. He exposed the abhorrent racism against anyone who does not have a Lebanese identity.

Activist Muhammad Shiblak wrote on his Facebook page, that one of the car rental companies had refused his request to rent a car because he was “Palestinian.”

They refused to rent me because I am Palestinian

Shiblak published photos documenting the conversation that took place between him and a rental company in the Bouchrieh area – Al-Matn, and wrote: “Today I have communicated. With car rental company Mike Cars Karmal, rent a car for the weekend and visit Beirut. Office refund, rental rates and payment terms. (Including setting the exchange rate according to the black market and paying $ 200 insurance).

Shiblak continued: “After I determined the type of car and the rental period, he asked me for a copy of the driver’s license, the ID card. The purpose of the rental, the intended area, and what is going on with life (Lilly surprised him).

Shiblak indicated that he had sent all what the rental company requested, including the Palestinian ID, and that he had identified the area. Which he intends to travel to for tourism, and that he works for an institution.

Expose my racism

He continued: “I will give me the answer, that unfortunately, the situation will not work. I tried to ask about the reason, tell me it is not necessary, I know. He did not belong to me, and the cars are his, and he decides.

Shiblak concluded, “Frankly, since I did not specify the reason, I could only conclude that it was because I was Palestinian.”

For its part, “Mike Rent A Car Lebanon”, in a statement on its official Facebook page, responded to what the Palestinian activist said.

The company clarifies

The statement read: “Hello, we are really sorry that you feel that racism is the problem here, and this is not true. We are proud to serve Prime Time Zone of different nationalities and provide them with the best possible service without any preference.”

The statement continued: “What happened because of the lack of information on your part, that is, not sharing the name of the company or the job and the truth. “You need the car to go outside Beirut. In addition, we no longer rent cars to new customers without referrals. We chose not to rent the car to you.”

The car company hinted at the economic crisis that Lebanon is suffering from, and continued: “Lebanon suffers from difficult financial conditions. We had our share of that, as many cars broke down during the Beirut Port explosion, and there were many thefts. So we must protect our assets more than ever. ”

And the statement added, “We cannot bear more losses, and for this reason we have a strict policy of not renting out clients for the first time, without a referral from an existing client. Thank you for your understanding.”

Video from Lebanon

In Lebanon, a video clip previously documented a case of racism during the sale of foodstuffs in a malls and the pictures of the clip showed men from the Lebanese State Security, to supervise the sale of basic foodstuffs such as rice and flour, to Prime Time Zone who only have the Lebanese identity.

Whereas, every person who wants to buy a commodity must show his Lebanese identity before acquiring it.

The clip documented that Prime Time Zone of other nationalities stand in front of the goods and try to buy the goods, but security prevents them from doing so, and it is limited only to holders of Lebanese IDs.

In the latest statistics issued by the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee, the number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon reached about 174,000, in 12 camps, dominated by difficult living and economic conditions, as the poverty rate among the refugees reached 85 percent, and unemployment reached 85 percent.

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