A partnership between Digital Egypt and IHS Towers to build and rent telecom towers in Egypt


A plan to build 6,000 wireless communication towers over the next three years

Digital Misr Company, “the largest shareholder of the Misr Towers Company for Technology Services”, signed a partnership agreement with IHS Netherlands GCC BV and IHS Netherlands EGY BV, to obtain a license from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority that allows it to establish and rent telecom towers inside Egypt through the company to be established between them, which is “IHS Telecom Towers Egypt SAE”.
The partnership aims to meet the special needs of the Egyptian market by building about 6,000 wireless communication towers over the next three years, and achieving the deployment plan in accordance with the work plan and licensing requirements. The license also allows the possibility of acquiring wireless communication towers owned by others for the purpose of using them in providing the services subject to the license.
Egypt Digital Investment Company will own 20% of IHS Telecom Towers Egypt SAE, while IHS Towers will own 80%, and the new alliance signed the licensing document, and it is expected that the procedures for obtaining the license will be completed during the current week after paying the license fees.
The agreement was signed by Eng. Amr Mahfouz, CEO of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital Egypt Investment Company, and William Saad, Chief Operating Officer of IHS Towers. Eng. Mohamed Nasr El-Din, Assistant Minister of Communications and Information Technology for the International Information Infrastructure, said that sharing towers help telecom operators focus more effectively on customer satisfaction, rapid and effective service spread and improvement, as well as diversification of services and expansion of network coverage by reducing the internal burden of asset management by reducing all costs. of operating costs and capital costs.
He added that the Partnership Towers Company builds the towers and bears the capital and operational costs, and then leases the towers to telecom operators to place their communication devices.
It is mentioned that telecom operators have the right to build their own communication towers in addition to the shared towers, and that choosing to share towers is a commercial and technical option for telecom operators, which provides commercial advantages and speed in implementing coverage plans as well as access to the greatest extent of coverage in the event of a scarcity of places to establish Towers, especially in disadvantaged places, which the state seeks to cover with telecommunications networks to achieve its plans for a digital society by achieving balance and stimulating competition between companies.

The article is a partnership between Digital Egypt and IHS Towers to build and rent telecom towers in Egypt and was written in Al Borsa newspaper.