A picture of a CNN reporter with a senior Taliban official raises controversy


A photo of CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward, with a senior official of the Taliban movement that took control of Afghanistan, while conducting an interview with him, sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites.

The photo that Clarissa Ward published on her Twitter account and was spotted by (Watan) showed her with Mawlawi Abdullah Muhammad, an official at the Ministry of “Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Taliban official is shown looking at the American channel reporter from the side of his eye, according to the photo.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Clarissa Ward commented on the photo, saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words… You don’t need to zoom in to see how the head of the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the Taliban in Ghazni feels about sitting with me. Our story is here.

It is noteworthy that the Taliban formed a new government after its return to control the country. Following the withdrawal of US forces and the collapse of Washington’s system in Kabul, last August.

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The Taliban faces widespread criticism for what it is accused of of “religious extremism”, especially against women, which the movement denies, and says its approach is consistent. With the customs, traditions and desires of the Afghan Prime Time Zone.

The Taliban warns the West

In another context, the “Taliban” movement, which has returned to power in Afghanistan, warned the international community of the consequences of not abandoning the punitive measures in force against it.

The acting foreign minister of the Afghan government, Amir Khan Mottaki, warned officials from the United States and the European Union. During talks in Doha, the negative impact that the weakening of the new Afghan government would bring, including a possible new wave of immigrants.

Mottaki told Western diplomats, according to a statement issued by the “Taliban” on Wednesday, that “weakening the Afghan government is not for anyone’s benefit, but will be. It certainly has a negative impact on the world, whether in the security field or in the form of the flow of migrants from Afghanistan to other countries as a result of the economic crisis. Knowing that the prescription for applying pressure in Afghanistan is futile.”

Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman

He said: “We demand the world to lift the embargo imposed on Afghanistan, so that the banks can start their activities normally, so that the salaries of the employees are paid. Through relief organizations and institutions, or from the government’s financial assets, or even through international aid.”

The attendees, according to the Taliban statement, expressed their conviction that instability in Afghanistan is not in anyone’s interest. Expressing at the same time their concern about “some issues”.

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In turn, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political bureau, Naim Wardak, expressed in an interview with the Russian “Novosti” agency about the movement’s disappointment. About the West’s failure to respond to its demands to stop freezing Afghanistan’s banking assets abroad. He said, “They remain silent, and talk about providing humanitarian aid in specific amounts, but they are only temporary solutions.”

Wardak stressed that Western countries “continue to talk about special issues such as women’s education, while Afghanistan stands on the brink of a major humanitarian catastrophe.”

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