A picture of Biden kneeling in front of a prominent Israeli official causes an uproar (Witness) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


On Sunday, Israeli media published a picture of US President Joe Biden that sparked controversy on the communication sites, in which he appeared bent over in front of a woman, Rivka Ravitz, director of the office of the outgoing Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

The photo that was taken of Biden a few days ago, specifically on Monday, when Rivlin and an accompanying Israeli delegation visited the White House, showed Biden kneeling in front of Rivka Ravitz.

Biden bows before an Israeli official

It was clear that the American president bowed on his knees in front of the Israeli official, who belongs to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect.

And the picture spread quickly among Americans on the media, with many commenting on the picture as “Picture of the Week.”

And about the reason for Biden’s action, Israeli media reported, that Rivlin told the US President that Ravitz is the mother of 12 children.

Biden only bowed in appreciation of her.

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In another context, more than 50% of Americans praised the steps taken by the US president in dealing with the Corona virus epidemic, according to a poll conducted by the “Washington Post” and ABC News.

The American newspaper stated that Biden made confronting the epidemic a top priority for his administration, including in his and his team’s push to speed up the distribution of doses of the “Covid-19” vaccine that was developed during the term of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

What did Biden do in front of Congress?

The US President also pressured Congress to enact a package of stimulus legislation worth $ 1.9 trillion to help the economy recover from the Corona crisis.

Today, more than 6 in 10 Americans support the president’s steps in dealing with the pandemic.

These numbers are almost identical to the results of last April, as the first 100 days of Joe’s presidency are approaching.

However, there is a noticeable discrepancy in the degrees of support for the US President’s efforts to confront “Covid-19” between the Democratic camps (95% of respondents) and the Republican camps (33%).

The survey also revealed the impact of party affiliations on Americans’ attitudes toward vaccination.

As 86% of Democratic respondents have so far received at least one dose of the vaccine, while this percentage is only 45% among Republicans.

Also, 7% of Democrats suggested receiving the vaccine, compared to only 4% of Republicans who suggested it.

On the other hand, 6% of Democrats and 47% of Republicans said they were unlikely to receive the vaccine, while 38% of Republicans confirmed that they would not.

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