A picture that causes a crisis between Zamalek and the artist Mohamed Mounir over the Al-Ahly shirt | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Egyptian club Al-Ahly, the former champion of the league, traded through its official account on social networking sites. A picture of the artist, Mohamed Mounir, known by the nickname “El-King”.

Among his fans and fans in Egypt and the Arab world. He signs the Egyptian Al-Ahly’s shirt, “The Red Genie,” through which the Egyptian artist Mounir addressed the club’s fans and fans with a beautiful message, saying: “To my children, all the players. My love for you is forever.

As racism falls, Mohamed Mounir ”. And that took a wide resonance among the activists through the “social media”. Between supporters and opponents.

He also raised the famous Egyptian artist Mohamed Mounir with his wonderful songs that are repeated by all his fans and fans to this day, following his statements during his hosting of a television interview on one of the Egyptian silver channels. His retreat from encouraging the Egyptian team Zamalek. Although he was a fan and supporter of White Castle.

And the official account of the Egyptian club Zamalek was published on social networking sites, on the statements made by the great artist Mohamed Mounir regarding his retreat from encouraging the Egyptian Zamalek “The White Castle”.

Zamalek Egyptian response

In his tweet to him on the “Twitter” platform, he said: “A true king is not a hunter of glory, a loyal fan is a true king.” In a strongly worded message to the artist Mohamed Mounir. At the bottom of the comment was a picture of the game of chess indicating the king’s death at the hands of a soldier painted in the colors of Zamalek.

Mohamed Mounir also retracted his encouragement for Zamalek, saying: “I was Zamalekawi, but now I love Al-Ahly players, and I wrote on Twitter during the club’s participation in the Club World Cup.”

The artist added, “I said that every Egyptian should support Al-Ahly team against Bayern Munich, although I strongly support Bayern Munich, the German team.”

The singer Mohamed Mounir “El King”

He also knew about the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Mounir, known by the nickname “El King”. For his constant love, support and encouragement for the Egyptian football club Zamalek. For many years.

While the statement was the artist Mohamed Mounir. For fans and fans of Egyptian Zamalek “The White Castle”. Who provoked their anger after the rise. Zamalek traditional rivals Al-Ahly of Egypt. The king’s voice was published on Al-Ahly’s shirt.

To launch the attack on him through social networking sites. The famous Egyptian artist Mounir is considered “El-King.” A big fan of Zamalek Oval Club.

Egyptian league standings

The Egyptian team, Zamalek, is at the top of the standings with 33 points, after their victory over Al-Ismaily, with two goals to one. Lonely to maintain the top of the standings.

Al-Ahly team succeeded in returning to second place, and the Masr Al-Maqsat team surpassed it with 27 points. It also came in third place, the Egyptian Pyramids team, with 25 points.

The rise of the Alexandria Union and the decline of the clearing Egypt

Al Ittihad Alexandria team came fourth in the Egyptian Premier League standings, with 25 points. Equal to the Pyramids team in the standings.

Enppi team came in fifth place in the standings with 24 points. So equal to the Egypt clearing team with the same points. Who ranks sixth.

And in seventh place comes the Al-Masry Al-Borseidi team, with 23 points. One point difference with the eighth-place winners Smouha and the ninth Ghazel El-Mahalla with 22 points.

While El Gouna came in tenth place in the ranking, with 21 points in the Egyptian Premier League standings

Egyptian league top scorer

Hossam Hassan, who plays for the Egyptian Smouha team, is also the top scorer in the Egyptian league during the current season. With 8 goals.

One point difference from the scorer, the Egyptian striker Zamalek, the skilled Youssef Ibrahim, known as “Youssef Obama”. With 7 goals.

Arranged by Ahmed Samir and Amr Gamal

Equal to that with the Egyptian player Ahmed Samir in the ranks of Talaea El-Geish, with 7 goals. As well as Omar Kamal in the ranks of Al-Masry Al-Busaidi. Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the striker, also comes in the ranks of the Ceramica team in fourth place with 6 goals.

Equally with Amr Gamal in the ranks of the Vanguards of the Army. And the Ethiopian Shimlis Bekele, the player for the clearing Egypt. And Tanzanian John Buko, who plays for the Egyptian team Enppi. And the player Sherif Dabou and Razzaq Sissah, who plays for the Al-Ittihad club of Alexandria.

Moroccan player Ashraf Bencharki is ranked next to last in the ranking with the Zamalek team in the scorers’ ranking, after them with 5 goals. Equal to Enppi player Ramy Sabri with the same number of goals.

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