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Palestinian media reported that a large popular campaign inside and outside Palestine was launched today, Sunday, to sign a petition calling for the overthrow of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who has monopolized power for 15 years.

In this context, writer and political activist, Muhammad Shukri, told Voice of Al-Aqsa Radio that the campaign is a right of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, and this right we delegated to “Abbas” himself when he said in an interview that when 10 Prime Time Zone took to the streets asking him to step down, he would step down.

He added: “In recent months, we have all seen hundreds in the streets of Ramallah calling for his departure after his involvement in the assassination of activist Nizar Banat,” according to the agency.Safa“Local Palestinian.

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Shukri continued: “We all lived through pain and sadness this night and all the previous nights that passed by our six prisoners who took their freedom, and we saw how the West Bank was unable to embrace the prisoners and provide them with safety and security.”

He stated that the cause of this reality is President “Abbas” and the authority and its security services that chased every incubator to resist the Israeli occupation.

Mahmoud Abbas

Shukri also accused Abbas of “dismissing all popular demands that have come out or will come out to demand his departure.

He continued: “But we are doing what we have to do from a political practice, and he is trying to deprive us of it, and he is the one who previously denied us holding elections and postponed them more than once because he wants to implement them according to his own measure.”

The Palestinian political activist stressed that the Palestinian Prime Time Zone must exercise their right to determine who governs and represents them in all political and international forums.

Shukri said: “This Prime Time Zone deserves to have a president who represents their real choices and believes in their right to their land, country, and the entire Palestinian territory, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.”

Abbas assumes the presidency of the Palestinian Authority despite the end of his presidency on January 9, 2009, and is accused of exploiting the Palestinian division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the Israeli wars on Gaza to renew himself.

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Since then, no presidential and legislative elections have been held, and “Abbas” canceled their organization twice despite his prior announcement, and the forces accused him of wanting “measured elections.”

Palestinian statement to dismiss Mahmoud Abbas

It is noteworthy that last June a similar campaign was launched and received a popular statement in Palestine calling for the dismissal of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and an end to his policies that have greatly harmed the Palestinian cause during the past years, a wide interaction among the Palestinians and signed by more than two thousand intellectuals, academics and public figures.

The signatories stressed at the time that this statement comes in order to strip what remains of the legitimacy of President Mahmoud Abbas, and demand his resignation or immediate dismissal from all his leadership positions; The presidency of the Palestinian Authority, the presidency of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the presidency of the Fatah movement.

As well as supporting the national campaign to rebuild the Palestine Liberation Organization, and elect an alternative leadership for the Palestinian Prime Time Zone.

The signatories to the statement made it clear that Abbas no longer enjoys any political or national legitimacy.

They accused him of impotence and paralysis, and of being the most prominent absentee from the last battle of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone in Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

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Accusations were also leveled against the President of the Palestinian Authority of destroying the Palestine Liberation Organization and tying up the Fatah movement, which was the second absentee from the recent events.

In addition, the signatories to the statement said that the recent glorious Jerusalem intifada had revealed the resounding inability of the president, his policies and his authority, and the Palestinian public opinion had enough of it.

Who are the signatories to the dismissal statement of Mahmoud Abbas?

Among the most prominent signatories to the statement are Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, a member of the National Council, Dr. Anis Fawzi Al-Qassem, an expert in international law, Dr. Asaad Ghanem, a university professor, and Moeen Al-Taher, a writer and researcher.

As well as Hanin Al-Zoubi, a political activist, Dr. Abdel Hamid Siam, an academic, Dr. Taher Kanaan, a researcher and economic advisor, Dr. Johnny Mansour, an academic and historian, Dr. Ibrahim Fraihat, an academic and professor of conflict resolution, Dr. Abeer Al-Najjar, an academic and writer, Dr. Khaled Al-Hroub, an academic and writer, and Dr. Dina Matar, an academic.

They continued that (since the start of the intifada in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, then its expansion to include Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, then Gaza, the West Bank, the Palestinian interior and abroad, the president was the most prominent absentee.)

Angry demonstrations in the West Bank against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
Angry demonstrations in the West Bank against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

They pointed out that after the end of the battle, Abbas added to his political record another failure represented in the absence of showing moral solidarity with the suffering of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone as a whole, even at its minimum levels.

The statement continued: (He did not bother visiting the families of the martyrs in Gaza and the West Bank. It was a national and golden opportunity that the President seized to visit the Gaza Strip, seize this moment and consider it the beginning of ending the division.)

(But instead, the recent Jerusalem intifada revealed the depth of the self-paralysis in which the president placed himself, and even handcuffed him an ancient national movement with a great history such as the Fatah movement, and freezing, if not destroying, the Palestine Liberation Organization, its leadership and its representation of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, which was, with Unfortunately, the second absentee in the Jerusalem Intifada.)

The signatories to the statement added, “In this brilliant Jerusalem moment, in which our Palestinian Prime Time Zone united wherever they were found, and their spirit of resistance was ignited; There was no presence of the President nor his authority! And now, after the hypocritical West, led by the United States, rose up to stand by our criminal enemy on the one hand, and tried to restore Abbas’s legitimacy on the other, the president seized these opportunities and started running again after attempts to return to the path of failed narcotic negotiations that exhausted our Prime Time Zone and destroyed His rights, and worked to distract the national compass, and made new pledges to continue security coordination and raise its pace.”

The statement continued, “The segments of our Prime Time Zone at home and abroad have been patient with the so-called “peace process” that began in Madrid in 1991, then Oslo in 1993, of which Mahmoud Abbas himself was one of the most important architects, and he is the one who said about the Oslo agreement after its signing: This is an agreement It may lead us to a state, or it may lead us to disaster.”

Banners dropping Mahmoud Abbas
Banners dropping Mahmoud Abbas

The statement pointed out that during this long period, Palestinian rights deteriorated, the National Charter and the right of return were dropped, the bitter division occurred, the Palestinian national project was dispersed, and corruption spread.

And he continued: (In parallel with all that, the Zionist settlement in our land has doubled, the programs to Judaize Jerusalem and the family of our Prime Time Zone have taken hold at home, and Israel has made many breakthroughs in the Arab world. In short, Oslo really led us to disaster. Despite that, and since taking over the three authorities in 2005, After the assassination of Yasser Arafat, Abbas boasted of his hostile stance to any armed resistance, as well as his unwavering loyalty to the negotiation process and “sacred security coordination.”

The signatories to the statement affirmed the right of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone to stop and ask, saying, “It is our right to stop now and ask: What is the result? And what did the president achieve for the Prime Time Zone? And what rights have I done?

Mahmoud Abbas did nothing but a mirage

The statement said: “Any quick inventory of the past three decades indicates that the course of the “negotiations” has achieved nothing but a mirage, and in the absence of real and effective national institutions that are able to hold accountable those responsible for the political failure, such as the Palestinian National Council or the Palestine Liberation Organization. Or the Central Council, it became imperative for all segments of the Prime Time Zone to raise their voice clearly and demand the removal of the losers, headed by Mahmoud Abbas himself.)

The statement concluded by saying, “In light of the three decades of this president’s abject failure, the decline of the Palestine issue with him, the erosion of Palestinian rights, his persistence in declaring hostility to the resistance and the intifada, his shameful absence in the last Jerusalem intifada, his freezing and failure of the Fatah movement, and the paralysis of the effectiveness of its organizational institutions.”

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His freezing of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its complete absence from the arena of struggle and the representation of the Palestinians, and failure to listen to the calls of all sectors of the Prime Time Zone for the need to rebuild it, transforming the interim Oslo process and its dangerous gamble into a permanent regime, based in its essence on providing security services to the Zionist occupier, and transforming the Palestinian Authority into a dictatorial institution It is governed by one individual, and its laws are issued according to his own mood, under the name of presidential decrees, without any oversight or accountability.

His cancellation of the Palestinian elections, which were scheduled for May 2021, and thus the consolidation of the absence of any electoral or militant legitimacy on which to base, and his continued experimentation with the experimenter, and the crazy commitment to the path of negotiations that has been committed over the past three decades, without listening to the mood of the Prime Time Zone or its advisory bodies And his submission to the sponsorship of the United States, which stands in the same trench with Israel and its Zionist project, and his acceptance of it as an honest broker.

His failure to bear responsibility for seriously ending the division, and his being the first leading figure for the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, and his neglect of any serious and real unitary struggle project or horizon; The signatories to the statement declare that this president no longer has any political or national legitimacy, and he must resign immediately, or be removed from the three leadership positions he controls.

The statement called on the Palestinian Prime Time Zone to join this call, and start a new page based on the unity of the struggle, the unity of the Prime Time Zone, and the unity of the land, and begin with rebuilding the Liberation Organization in a unitary and representative manner for all, and launching popular resistance in the entire occupied land.

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