A prominent Qatari activist reveals the truth about Abeer Musa and her service to the Emirates against Tunisia!


The prominent Qatari activist on Twitter consideredI know“The head of the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia, Abir Moussa, discovered late that she had been used as a transit bridge for other agendas serving the UAE.

Boughanem said that Abeer Moussa was placed in the confrontation against the Brotherhood in Tunisia; As a cover for the main targets sewn in the shade.

Abeer Moussa: “We reject dictatorship and absolute autocracy”

The Qatari singer’s comment came after Abeer Moussa announced her rejection of dictatorship and absolute autocracy in Tunisia.

The head of the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia said, “Today, the country’s president, Kais Saied, controls all areas without accountability or supervision and according to his personal whims.”

Abeer Moussa confirmed that her party will be in the opposition after it was in the position of monetary support, in her comment on the new decisions taken by President Qais Saeed.

Abeer Moussa criticized the decisions of Qais Saeed and affirmed the rejection of dictatorship

In a speech on Facebook, Moussa called on President Saeed to specify the duration of these procedures and the date of the elections.

The head of the Free Constitutional Party was surprised that the Personal Status Code was placed under the president’s authority and purpose.

Kais Saied

On Wednesday, Tunisian President Kais Saied issued a new presidential order related to his new powers, foremost of which is the assumption of the executive and legislative powers.

Qais Saeed admits receiving financial and security support from sister countries
Qais Saeed admitted receiving financial and security support from “sister countries”

The presidential order stated that the President of the Tunisian Republic exercises executive power with the assistance of a government headed by a prime minister, while the second section of this section included provisions related to the powers of that same government.

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The order stipulated that the government consists of a prime minister, ministers and state secretaries, to be appointed by the President of the Republic himself, and they take the oath stipulated in the last paragraph of Chapter 89 of the Constitution, before him, at a time when the formed government implements the general policy of the state, in accordance with the directives and choices set by the President. It is responsible for its actions before the President of the Republic himself.

Al-Nahda refuses

On Thursday, the Tunisian “Ennahda” movement announced its rejection of the recent decisions of Tunisian President Kais Saied to impose transitional provisions and the continuation of exceptional measures, especially the suspension of parliament’s work, describing the decisions as a move towards “authoritarian rule” and “a coup against legitimacy.”

Protests in Tunisia against the coup of Kais Saied
Protests in Tunisia against the coup of Kais Saied

The movement issued a statement, stressing that it considers presidential decisions as a de facto suspension of the constitution, “and in compensation for it, a temporary organization of powers and a clear tendency toward absolute authoritarian rule, and a blatant coup against democratic legitimacy and the principles and values ​​of the Tunisian revolution.”

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