A Qatari sheikh prostrates to God thanks for Trump’s loss and the failure of his alliance | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Qatari Sheikha Lulwa bint Jassim Al Thani thanked God for the loss of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, the US elections.

A thousand praises and thanks to God’s justice

وكتبت Sheikha Qatar In a tweet monitored by Watan, “A thousand praise and thanksgiving for the justice of God Almighty, who avenged us from Trump first by losing the presidential elections.

And Lulwa bint Jassim added: “Secondly, watching his humiliation, oppression, and loss of everything and the loss of his failed alliance with him, and without it the besieged Prime Time Zone would not have besieged Qatar.”

Trump impeached

And US Vice President Mike Pence had hinted that Article 25 of the country’s constitution could be used to isolate outgoing President Donald Trump in the event of a more unstable behavior. According to what US media reported.

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CNN quoted Pence as saying that he “does not rule out using Article 25 of the Constitution to impeach President Donald Trump.”

The Gulf Reconciliation

On January 4, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Emirates and Egypt agreed to open their land and sea borders, as well as their airspace, to Qatar, and then on January 5, the four countries pledged to restore relations with Qatar, and this progress came after negotiations mediated by the United States. And Kuwait between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

A historic visit to Prince Tamim

The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, visited Saudi Arabia on January 5 to attend the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council, where he was personally received by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an event aimed at signaling the restoration of high-level relations.

The blockade of Qatar

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic and travel and trade links with Qatar in June 2017, and the four countries issued a list containing 13 demands from Qatar to lift the blockade. The Emir of Qatar has boycotted the annual Gulf conferences since 2018 to protest the ongoing blockade.

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