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A Quran teacher in Morocco insults the honor of 6 minors and loses their virginity .. Here is his fate |


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Morocco’s First Instance Criminal Court has sentenced a Quran teacher to 30 years in prison for indecent assault on minors under the age of 18.

Defilement of minors

After hearing the witnesses, the accused, and the pleadings of the Public Prosecution and the defense, the Court of Appeal in Tangiers charged the 43-year-old with a felony charge of violating the defilement of minors under the age of 18 years, and indecent assault on minors under the age of 18 years, which resulted in the removal of the hymen.

According to the Moroccan newspaper “Hespress”, the case chapters date back to last September, when the royal gendarmerie arrested the accused, after receiving several reports from the families of the victims.

The accused is a government Quran teacher in one of the villages in Madashur al-Zumaij in the group of Malusa, in the province of Fahs, Anjara.

The Public Prosecutor in Tangiers confirmed at the time that six minors were subjected to indecent assault by the accused.

After the investigation, the judge in the Court of Appeal decided to place him in the local prison.

Child Adnan Bouchouf

In the same month, Morocco witnessed a horrific rape crime when the security forces found the body of the child Adnan Bouchouf, who launched a large campaign to find him.

At the time, local media reported that the child, Adnan Boushoff, was found buried in a garden near his neighborhood, with signs of suffocation and assault on his body.

Security sources stated that the child’s body was found immediately after the arrest of the perpetrator, who told them where the body was buried after he confessed to killing him.

Sentenced to death!

The details of the incident date back to the day the child was abducted, when the perpetrator, who lives near the neighborhood in a house containing five other young men, lured Adnan, who was familiar with him.

The perpetrator took advantage of the fact that his roommates were not present at home for professional obligations. To sexually assault the child, before strangling him and burying him in the garden next to his home.

The child Adnan Bouchouf at the time occupied the communication sites in Morocco since his disappearance after he went out of his family’s home to get medicine from the pharmacy. Activists launched the hashtag #Adnan_Bushov to search for him. And they expressed their shock and sadness after finding his body. And demand the death penalty for the perpetrator.

The Court of Appeal in Tangiers ruled at the time to execute the main accused after it had convicted him of “rape and premeditated murder. Hiding a corpse and mutilating it, deceiving a minor and violating his honor.

On the other hand, the ruling panel of the Criminal Chamber of First Instance of the Court of Appeal in Tangiers decided to convict three defendants of four months in prison. With a fine of one thousand dirhams (about $ 100). And that after the Public Prosecution pursued them with a misdemeanor failure to report

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