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Al-Jazeera Microscope published on its website a report revealing the details of the existence of an Israeli-Emirati military city located underground inside Emirati territory on the fringes of the Gulf of Arabia.

Al-Jazeera microscope confirmed, according to information received from an employee of the Emirati intelligence, that the Israeli Ministry of Defense, during joint cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, established a secret military base inside the Emirates from the beginning of 2019, during the conclusion of a secret agreement with Mohammed bin Zayed.

An Israeli military base in the UAE

The report added that the highest construction techniques were used in that military base to confront Iran’s threats, and no missile attack can destroy it because it is 330 meters underground.

And that its military apparatus enters the Emirates by covering the various commercial and transit companies, and in the name of industrial loads, and they are saved in them.

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According to the report of the Dubai Police / General Department of State Security (Security Industry Regulatory Organization) to the Director General of the Federal Criminal Police / Ministry of Interior, the military devices and explosives were transferred to the base under the cover of Halliburton Abu Al-Abyad Company and in its name from the beginning of 2019 and the transfer process is still in progress.

It is clear from the lack of knowledge of the Dubai Police about the existence of such a secret military city under Emirati territory, that the city has been completely and secretly hidden from everyone, but also from the eyes of the senior authorities in the Dubai Police.

The Consul of Israel in Dubai talks about the “frozen agreement”

In another context, the Israeli Consul in Dubai, Ilan Shtoleman Starosta, confirmed that he hopes that an agreement to ship UAE oil will overcome environmental obstacles and turn into a reality, with trade booming between Israel and the UAE, a year after the normalization of relations between them.

Starosta, who became his country’s first consul in Dubai, told AFP that trade between the two most diversified economies in the Middle East will “easily” exceed one billion dollars within a year, if the Corona epidemic crisis recedes.

The oil agreement, which followed the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE last year, aims to transport crude by ship to the port of Eilat on the Red Sea, and then via a pipeline to the port of Ashkelon on the Mediterranean, to be then shipped to Europe.

And the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection announced, last month, the postponement of the implementation of the agreement, after the project angered Israeli associations defending the environment.

double trade

On September 15, in Washington, Israel signed an agreement to establish relations with the UAE under the auspices and presence of former US President Donald Trump.

The UAE is the first Gulf country and the third Arab country to reach an agreement to normalize relations with Israel, followed by Bahrain, then Sudan and finally Morocco, after Jordan (1994) and Egypt (1979).

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In late June, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid visited the UAE to inaugurate his country’s embassy in Abu Dhabi and the consulate in Dubai. And the UAE opened an embassy in Tel Aviv.

The UAE and Israel, whose economies were affected by the Corona virus, hope to achieve major gains from the normalization agreement, at a time when Dubai is looking for new partners in the tourism, technology and business sectors.

Last August, the volume of business exchange between the two sides amounted to $500 million, excluding investments, due to agreements on tourism, aviation and financial services.

“I think we can double the volume of trade in one year, if Corona disappears,” Starosta said.

“Because the potential is huge for both parties (…), I think we can achieve this very easily,” he added.

About 200,000 Israelis have visited the UAE since the establishment of relations, according to the consul. Starosta estimated that there are 40 Israeli companies in the UAE’s free trade zones.

In addition, two Emiratis will start studying at two Israeli universities this year. While the consul general’s wife gave birth last month in Dubai, to be the first Israeli woman to be born in the UAE.

Commenting on this, Starosta said: “There has never been a similar case before, so we don’t know how to register (the girl) correctly,” adding, “There is real peace happening and not just signing agreements.”

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