A Saudi cartoonist attacks the Palestinians, accusing them of squandering their land and honor |


A Saudi cartoonist sparked a wave of anger on social media, after he insulted the Palestinians and their just cause. In an attempt to prepare Saudi public opinion to accept normalization with Israel on the basis that it is the holder of legitimacy, as the UAE and Bahrain did.

Saudi cartoonist Fahd Al-Jubeiri published 4 cartoons, according to Watan, in which he alleges that the Palestinians have abandoned their land. And offer them for money

“Specialist in the abuse of Palestinians”

This is not the first time that Saudi Fahd Al-Jubeiri has abused the Palestinians. His page abounds on the social networking site “Twitter”. Cartoons offensive to the Palestinian cause.

According to what Watan monitored, the Saudi painter, in his last drawings, insulted the late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, with an insulting drawing.

Saudi authorities are deaf

Social media pioneers of various Arab nationalities criticized the Saudi painter’s actions. Wondering about the absence of the official authorities’ role in holding them accountable.

The university professor, Asaad Abu Khalil, said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “This is a Saudi painter. All the Arab Prime Time Zone should see the level of hateful market pestering against the Palestinian Prime Time Zone in the media of the Saudi regime.

Abu Khalil added: “All Palestinian generations should be aware of the manifestations of Arab Zionism.

In turn, the Lebanese writer, Ghassan Jawad, said: “This creature knows himself as a cartoonist, unfortunately, may God curse you, you bastard, oh without honor.”

He also added: “Go and draw about the occupation and its crimes, and stop Black and your ignorance and rotting you about the heroic Palestinian Prime Time Zone after 72 years. From the catastrophe and still resists, God abuses you, what is the most insolent of you and what I overthrow you.

Activist Muhammad al-Najjar commented on the offensive drawing, saying: “You murderers. Your hands are stained with blood .. With our blood, what is the explanation for all this hatred and harm, is it Arab insult? ”

Al-Najjar added, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “Sham Jubeir describes a Prime Time Zone under occupation whose land was plundered by force of arms and forcibly displaced, like this.”

As an account said in the name of a Palestinian: “When you sell your religion and your conscience to an offer from the life of this world ..

Another attacked the Saudi painter, saying: “The Prime Time Zone of Palestine are crowned with pride and honor, a sacrificial and oppressed Prime Time Zone who do not bargain for a grain of dirt from the land of Palestine.”

He also continued: “The Prime Time Zone of Palestine sold dignities to all of your crowns, which refuse to be humiliated and insignificant before the Zionists and the American arrogance.”

Another activist added: “This is the logic to reduce the sympathy of the Arab peoples with the Palestinian cause, it is not new!”

He continued: “The sentence of Hani sold their land has always been heard, and unfortunately many Arabs, especially the new generations, believed this thing!”

Not the first time

This is not the first time that Saudi writers and media professionals have attacked the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause, especially in light of the closeness of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to normalization with Israel.

Many Saudi writers affiliated with Bin Salman and those close to him also attacked the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians with the beginning of the wave. Israeli normalization with the Arab countries.

And these writers took the liberty of betraying the Palestinians, and the accusation against them, at a time when their tongues and their pens were silent about attacking the Emirati and Bahraini normalization with Israel.

Okaz Newspaper

Earlier, a book in the Saudi newspaper “Okaz” launched a harsh attack on the Palestinian cause and its Prime Time Zone, considering that the latter two had become warriors for the Kingdom.

The writer Muhammad al-Sa`d titled an article attacking the Palestinian cause, as “The Palestinians … From Neutrals to Fighters of Saudi Arabia!”

Al-Sa`ed also claimed that the Palestinians had turned into “puppets in the hands of Doha, Ankara and Tehran.”

“The Palestinians have practiced systematic terror against most Arab countries, directing their rifles and bombs against the Arab peoples, leaving their main enemy,” he added. According to their claims. ”

He added, “Not only that, but also terrorism of another kind. Terrorism to obey their way of managing the conflict and providing massive funds and aid. Otherwise, they consider you hostile, and make an army against you, Arab sentiments.

He claimed that “for six decades, the Palestinians fought the Arab armies and security services, and exhausted them more than they faced the Israeli army and its security services.”

Bandar bin Sultan’s statements

In turn, the writer Hammoud Abu Talib celebrated Prince Bandar bin Sultan’s statements against the Palestinian cause.

The Saudi writer said that his speech is important; Given that “the new generation of Saudis has confused some of the fallacies that some Palestinian officials are now spreading. Backed by cheap media to discredit Saudi historical support for the Palestinian cause.

He also added: “The Saudi Prime Time Zone and the Saudi leadership will continue to defend the Palestinian cause. But not by the methods and methods of the failed lawyers who turned it into an auction of gains that was almost lost.

He continued by saying: “Compliments with these Prime Time Zone are no longer effective. It is necessary to reveal their shameful positions.

The tick in the time of erosion

While the writer Khaled Al-Suleiman summarized some of Bandar bin Sultan’s statements in an article entitled “The tick in the time of erosion!”

Al-Sulaiman said; Bandar bin Sultan summarized the Palestinian cause and defined its paradises in one phrase: “A just cause, its lawyers are failing.”

He also said, “Just cases often lose when unsuccessful lawyers argue for them.” How, when they are also traffickers, the Palestinian cause is nothing but a commodity in the slogans market and a tool for gain and extortion! ”

The semi-official Saudi media, in addition to the director of Mohammed bin Salman’s office, celebrated Bandar bin Sultan’s statements in which he attacked the Palestinian cause.

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