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Security forces in Saudi Arabia arrested a person who abused a group of women while they were cycling in the street.

This came after activists circulated on social media a video clip, which showed a Saudi citizen documenting the moment he filmed a group of girls while they were cycling and began to utter inappropriate terms against them.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted by the Riyadh police, the accused is in his thirties and works in a civil guard company in the capital.

The police stated that the accused uttered words that were inconsistent with Islamic morals and public morals.

The authorities said that they had taken preliminary measures against him and referred him to the Public Prosecution in preparation for his trial.

Tweeters attack girls and others defend

The incident sparked controversy among activists, some of whom saw that he deserved to be arrested because he photographed girls without their permission, and violated their privacy, and some blamed the girls, and saw that Saudi society still rejects the idea of ​​openness led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

One of the comments stated: (Regardless of the stupidity of girls who deliberately undress their families, where are they? Is it possible that they do not have brothers and fathers who see their lack of life??).

Another wrote, agreeing with the opinion of those who preceded him: (The government of 2030 punishes everyone who objects to its westernized and decadent project 2030 and who does not represent us and imposes it on us by force. It pursues you, distorts you and claims against everyone who said to (MPS 2030) This does not represent us and we do not want it).

Another blamed the girls directly, and wrote: (Ok, women are fitna, not every unit wears semi-naked and cool clothes on the pretext of sports).

And she continued: (Our Muslim society does not reject development and the protection of women. But there must be restrictions imposed on women. For example, public taste refuses shorts for young Prime Time Zone. It is forbidden to open the abaya while wearing clothes that appear inappropriate to go out!

While others praised the law, a tweeter wrote: (He who was not raised by his family is raised by the law).

Another commented: (I can’t imagine that I’m going about my normal life, and suddenly I get my pictures spread everywhere, not under dirty words).

Another deplored that this behavior came from a security man, and wrote: (A security guard… an honorable job to preserve and protect Prime Time Zone’s rights and secrets, and this is one of the most important ethics of this profession, no matter how lenient some are in its interpretation and perception!! He should be a respectable man and not engage in such a distant act. About the character of men and the politeness of the job of a security guard!!

Rapper.. Singing in a public place without a license!

Saudi Arabia is witnessing several incidents that indicate the openness of society. Security men had previously arrested a Saudi rapper in the capital, Riyadh.

The rapper appears in the circulating video, performing his song in one of the malls, in front of a large crowd, before being surprised by the approach of three security men who took him in preparation for holding him accountable.

Tweeters then suggested that the reason for the arrest of the singer was because he sang in a public place without a license.

A crazy party, anger and demands to prosecute those involved

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No official statement was issued by the authorities about the video, which came only a week after activists circulated on social media, a video documenting a “Majen party” in one of the regions of Saudi Arabia, in which there were girls in revealing clothes and mixed dancing.

In the video, dozens of Prime Time Zone appeared in Private partyIn a closed place, girls dance with young men to the tunes of Gulf songs, and another group appears drinking prohibited and alcoholic drinks, while the city in which this party was held was not specified.

And in another video from the same place, some young Prime Time Zone appear cleaning the place of the disgraceful party, and one of them says: (By God, these parties never stop, and by God they never stop).

The clip angered the Saudis, who still adhere to the values ​​of a conservative society, and demanded their arrest.

Semi-naked clothes and dancing at a hardcore party

This ceremony was preceded by two days, a third video documenting a scandalous party in one of the regions of the capital, Riyadh.

The circulating video showed girls in daring clothes dancing in front of a group of young men who were cheering and applauding them.

In another clip from the same place, a singer appears on a stage, while the mixed audience between girls and young men dances and interacts in a scene that is alien to Saudi society.

Yarmouk neighborhood!

The tweeters wondered about the area that witnessed this ceremony, and it turned out that it is in the Yarmouk neighborhood, east of Riyadh, which is considered its largest neighborhood.

Reactions to the clip varied, with some of them trying to confirm that it was not in Riyadh as determined via Google Maps, and most of them attacked and criticized the changes taking place in the Kingdom during the reign of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

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