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The Saudi dissident, Abdul Rahman Al-Suhaimi, accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of being behind the Kabul airport bombing and of supporting ISIS in Afghanistan.

A terrorist bombing claimed by ISIS took place near Kabul airport last week, killing 85 civilians and 13 American soldiers and wounding more than 150 others.

Al-Suhaimi claimed in a video clip that his sources in Mohammed bin Salman’s offices and ministries confirm the Crown Prince’s support for the terrorist organization – according to him – pointing out that “the Americans are also aware of these sources.”

Is Mohammed bin Salman behind ISIS Afghanistan

Al-Suhaimi explained that, through this attack, Ibn Salman wanted to achieve 3 goals, the first of which was to embarrass Biden (the US president); Because he refused to receive him and refused to receive his brother Prince Khaled, his deputy in the Ministry of Defense, because he had become an outcast after the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.

The second goal – according to Al-Suhaimi – is to show the Taliban movement as a helpless movement that cannot provide security and safety for citizens, as he put it.

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The third goal is that Bin Salman is trying to show the world that Afghanistan will become a hotbed of terrorism under the rule of the Taliban.

Mohammed bin Salman is heading to Russia

Al-Suhaimi pointed out that Ibn Salman violated the agreements concluded by his uncles and before them his grandfather Abdul Aziz with America by heading towards Russia.

He noted that the decision to go to Russia to conclude military deals was issued without forethought, and its source, according to him, was Saud Al-Qahtani and Turki Al-Sheikh (Sabyan bin Salman).

Al-Suhaimi continued: We, as the Prime Time Zone of the country of the Two Holy Mosques, are not responsible for the reckless behavior of the Saudi leadership and its support for terrorism, neither in America nor in Afghanistan. Whoever supports terrorism is the Saudi leadership, which is protected by the American government.

He continued: As long as Biden supports those who sit on the Saudi throne, let him accept terrorism or prevent it, as the Saudi Prime Time Zone have nothing to do with it.

Al-Suhaimi revealed that there is a Saudi source working in a ministry headed by Mohammed bin Salman – the Ministry of Defense – who provided the US State Department with information about Saudi Arabia’s movements in Pakistan after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

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He revealed that Hazal Al-Otaibi, President of the International Islamic University in Islamabad, was assigned in coordination with some of its affiliates, and the Saudi conquest of the Military Attaché in Pakistan on August 16.

The Saudi dissident pointed out that the Emiratis know everything bin Salman does, as they reached his bedroom and recorded all his conversations with his close circle.

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