A Saudi model strips naked to celebrate the Kingdom’s National Day! (photo)


The Saudi model, Barbie Najd, caused a sensation in the way she celebrated the “Saudi National Day”, which fell on Thursday.

Barbie Najd published very bold pictures, in which she appeared naked except for her underwear, which she chose in green, the color of the Saudi flag, which sparked a wave of angry comments from her.

The Saudi model, Barbie Najd, usually raises controversy with her bold images and hot looks, ignoring all the criticism that affects her.

Barbie find

Who is Barbie find!

Barbie Najd, born in 1994, of a Saudi father and mother, and resides in America. Barbie Najd received her BA in laboratory sciences in the United States. Barbie finds single unmarried women and works as a model for commercial brands.

Saudi National Day

The celebrations of the 91st Saudi National Day witnessed shocking incidents of harassment of young girls in the streets of the Kingdom, which aroused the condemnation and condemnation of many.

One of the videos documented the screaming of a young man and his harassment of a girl who was wearing an abaya and revealing her hair, during the activities of the Saudi National Day in a street.

Another video spread on social media, showing a person harassing and kissing a girl while she was riding a car, before fleeing during the Saudi National Day activities.

Another video documented a girl being harassed in the street by a young man, who responded by throwing him with a water bottle she was holding in her hand.

Another video clip, which was circulated, showed young men shouting and crowding around girls in a car during the celebration of the Saudi National Day.

Another video revealed that a blonde girl, who was wearing an orange cloak, was harassed, and the clip clearly shows someone coming towards her and touching her from behind, while one of the young men was trying to defend her and keep the harassers away.

Another video clip from the Saudi National Day celebrations showed a girl coming out of her car window and waving the Saudi flag.

Punishment for harassment in Saudi Arabia!

According to the Saudi Public Prosecution, the penalty for harassment is up to two years in prison and a fine of 100,000 riyals (about $27,000).

The prosecution explained on its Twitter page that “the crime of harassment is committed by every word, act or sign issued by a person towards another with a sexual connotation that touches his body or his honor, or outrages his modesty, directly or indirectly, including technical means.”

The prosecution also confirmed that “the penalty is imprisonment for a period of two years and a fine of up to one hundred thousand riyals, and it will be tightened if it is repeated.”

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The National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which falls on September 23 of each year, is the day on which King Abdulaziz, the founding King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued a decision to transfer the name of the country from the Kingdom of Hejaz, Najd and its annexes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that we know today.


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