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launched a newspaperOkazSaudi Arabia, which is affiliated with the royal court, launched a violent attack on US President Joe Biden after he marginalized Riyadh and ignored Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In this context, the Saudi writer, Muhammad Al-Saed, expressed, in an article in the Saudi newspaper, the extent of the deterioration of relations between his country and the United States, in many regional issues, especially in the issue of withdrawal from Afghanistan, pointing to Washington’s practice of a kind of marginalization of Riyadh.

Al-Saed said that describing the relations between the two countries as “a clear divorce is an injustice to them and more wishes than a reality between two major countries that cannot accept a rupture, no matter how different their views are. The United States of America is neither Biden nor his democratic administration.”

He pointed out that what is happening is “restructuring relations again, after some American parties imagined that they were able to own the decision in Riyadh, a matter in which all those who tried failed, because Riyadh only takes its decision from its solid head.”

The Saudi-American relationship

The writer added: “Restoring relations again with their former warmth is very possible, and the Americans’ attempt to compensate for Saudi capabilities by going to small countries in the region is unsuccessful. And four capitals will confuse those small countries in front of the least American demand, in return, Riyadh can offer its endless capabilities to its partners without batting an eyelid.

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And he continued: “Although Washington is praising here and there, hinting that it has dispensed with Saudi capabilities, but it remains arguing, nothing more, nothing less.”

He said that “the political difference or difference in some files between Riyadh and Washington did not begin when Biden reached the White House, nor because Biden, his administration staff and his party disagree with Prince Muhammad bin Salman, as promoted by the extremist Western media,” according to his description.

He pointed out that “the features of the dispute began to appear in public almost two decades ago, and even before King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz hit the table that separated him and former US President Barack Obama during a famous meeting outside Riyadh, saying to him: No one dictates the kingdom’s policies.” Because of an American request from Riyadh not to stand in the face of the immoral chaos that the Obama administration deployed at the time in the Arab region in 2010,” he described.

The writer said that “no administration comes without stumbling in its relations with Riyadh in the first months of it as a result of a misunderstanding of the relationship with Riyadh, and then it gradually improves, because Riyadh is sincere in its opposition. honest in her alliance. She respects those who respect her. And it refuses to be subordinate to anyone, draws red lines and insists on them.”

9/11 attacks

He described the disclosure of secret documents related to the September 11 attacks, “and the precedent of American ruthlessness in dealing with America’s most important partners in the region, as a use of the brinkmanship policy, although wise Prime Time Zone believe that the two allies are able to work in a common area, and they will not leave it to the areas of estrangement.” complete.”

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He concluded by saying: “It is useful for the White House to understand that it is he who is playing with fire, and that he is the one who is venturing to burn the fruits that were planted eighty years ago, and that if the threshing floor is burned, he will never be able to reap its fruits.”

Withdrawal of the Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia

The Pentagon’s decision to withdraw the batteries coincided with its decision to transfer defense systems and weapons to Asia to counter the perceived Chinese threat. Satellite images emerged days after Saudi Arabia decided to cancel a visit by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who was in the Gulf region with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to thank allies for their assistance in evacuating Americans and Afghans from Kabul airport last month.

There were no indications that the Saudi position on the visit was linked to the withdrawal of the Patriot systems, but Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the former intelligence director, told CNBC, “We want reassurances from the United States.”

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the United States maintains a strong military presence in the Middle East. In 2019, the United States sent a long-range defense system, as well as Patriot missiles, radars and hundreds of soldiers to Riyadh after the oil facilities in the east of the kingdom were subjected to missile and drone attacks, which the United States blamed on Iran.

And the withdrawal from Prince Sultan Air Base, which is 115 kilometers from Riyadh – the Russian newspaper – coincided with the feeling of America’s allies in the Middle East worried about the chaotic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

Against this background, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby tried to reassure regional players, saying, “The Department of Defense continues to maintain tens of thousands of soldiers and a strong position in the Middle East,” adding that his country intends to maintain the regional partnership.

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The former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Turki al-Faisal, whose public statements often echo the ruling family’s view, directly linked the withdrawal of the Patriot air defense system to what is happening in relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom appears to have more cause for concern. Commenting on the cancellation of Austin’s visit to Riyadh, Saudi Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud expressed his confidence that the postponement of the trip was linked to Riyadh’s decision.

And he wrote on Twitter, referring to the arrival of Leonid Slutsky, that Saudi Arabia has postponed the visit of the US Secretary of Defense to the kingdom and at the same time is receiving the head of the International Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma.

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