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A Saudi prince attacks Nancy Pelosi and reminds her of what Bandar bin Sultan said | A nation is singing out of tune


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The Saudi prince, Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud, a close associate of the royal court, attacked the speaker of the US House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi.

Sattam bin Khalid attacks Nancy Pelosi

This came in a series of tweets by the Saudi prince monitored by “Watan”, in response to Pelosi’s statement that dealt with the issue of the Saudi detainee. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadhan.

As mentioned the prince Sattam bin Khaled, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, videos of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador. Earliest to America.

The Prince commented on Bandar bin Sultan’s video clip in a previous MSNBC interview, saying: “History is repeating itself. Is there any exhorter?

Guantánamo prison

Prince Sattam bin Khaled added: “US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi describes the ruling of someone who was defending ISIS. It is a brutal act. ”

He also continued: “The brutality is what happened in Guantanamo prison in terms of arrests and torture without trials or lawyers for years. Long on suspicion of belonging to Al Qaeda only suspicion without any evidence that is the real brutality.

Interfered in the Arab affairs

He continued: “The statements of the American administration and government figures are interference in the internal affairs of countries under the pretext of rights. They are the first to ignore it if it conflicts with their national security and interests.

He also continued: “Stop trading in rights, for it has become exposed. For the youngest Arab citizen ”.

Strong statement

Nancy Pelosi said in a statement published, Wednesday, that “the brutal verdict on the humanitarian aid worker Abdul Rahman Al-Sadhan. Which came after his disappearance for many years and imprisoned without trial. It is a grave and horrific injustice. ”

She added, “This act continues with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s extremely worrying assault on freedom of expression and its pattern of violations. For human rights ”.

Pelosi also stressed that this should be condemned by all freedom-loving Prime Time Zone around the world.

The US State Department comments

In turn, the US State Department expressed its concern about the news of a ruling issued by the Saudi Anti-Terrorism Court. The aid worker is imprisoned. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadhan, for a period of 20 years and imposed a travel ban on him.

The Foreign Ministry said: “We are concerned about the news that the Saudi Anti-Terrorism Court has ruled on a worker. Saudi Relief is imprisoned for 20 years, followed by a travel ban for another 20 years.

She also continued: “We will continue to closely monitor the case through any appeals process, as we have told Saudi officials at all levels. Freedom of expression should not be a violation punishable by law ”.

She added, “We will continue to uphold the role of human rights in our relations with Saudi Arabia, and we will encourage all forms of legislative reforms. Which respects the human rights of all individuals ”.

Abdul Rahman Al-Sadhan

Earlier, a Saudi court sentenced the relief activist, Abdul Rahman Al-Sadhan, 20 years in prison, and banned him from traveling 20 years later. What sparked government criticism.

The ruling was issued by the Specialized Criminal Court, according to activists, including “Abdullah Al-Awda,” the son of the famous preacher. Salman al-Awda was arrested.

Al-Odah described the decision as “shocking news,” explaining that the trial took place against the backdrop of “a satirical Twitter account they claim to be his.”

Al-Sadhan, an aid activist, was arrested after Saudi spies at Twitter leaked his data to the authorities. As it is. He ran a human rights account under a false name.

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