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A Saudi witness attacks a security employee because of the “Tawakalna” application, causing an uproar | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists circulated on social media, a video documenting the moment of a Saudi assault on a security employee in a mall. Due to the “Tawakalna” application approved by the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

In the video recorded by “Watan”, the assailant citizen is shown arguing with the security officer who prevented him. From entering, as he did not download the “Tawakalna” application on his phone.

Suddenly, the citizen slapped the security employee forcefully in the face, and a clash with him, before his wife tried to pull him back. And calm things so that things do not escalate, while the security officer calls on the phone, threatening the aggressor.

Tweeters interact

The tweeters interacted via “Twitter” with the clip, and most of them expressed their disapproval of what happened, praising the role of his wife, who tried to calm things down.

One of the comments read: “From here we know who is deficient in the mind. Watch the woman how to guide him and teach him the right path.”

Another questioned, saying: “If this was his dealings with strangers, how would he deal with his household? May Allah be with their help.

Another tweet agreed with him, saying: “It is correct … and the evidence shows the reaction of his daughter, which he did not form the first time he was like this in front of her. You don’t know can hit the wife at home.

Another demanded that the security man be dismissed, and commented: “We do not know the real reason behind his attack on the security man, but if that was the reason. Indeed, it is the application of our trust, so the security man must be immediately reinstated, disciplining this arrogant person and correcting his behavior.

Another recounted a similar situation that she experienced herself, and said: “The same situation I saw yesterday, the employee refused to enter a seat cursing him. The employee is responsible for his livelihood, and he speaks with him politely to the extent that he does not care about the employee’s face. Here, by God, I wanted to participate with the employee in his garage.

Another pointed out to the insults that security personnel are subjected to during their work, and said: “There is no strength and power except with God, God suffices and the best of the agent. With what right you insult him and give him a hand, my chest is tightened on the security men everywhere, he is a person with feelings and has come to implement the instructions and the one in which he is sufficient.

While another referred to the body language that issued by the child of the perpetrator, and said: “This aggressive behavior in front of everyone was issued. From him to a man of the same strength, I do not know how to behave inside the house with those who are weaker than him. The movement of the child and placing her hands on her ears certainly has an explanation.

A security guard was killed by a muzzle

While there has been no official comment from the authorities in charge of the video, security personnel in public places are still suffering. From repeated attacks on them while trying to implement the laws, especially after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last August, a security guard at a store in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, died of his wounds after he was stabbed by a Saudi on the night of Eid al-Adha.

Saudi media reported at the time that a quarrel occurred on the night of Eid between the guard and a shopper, following a dispute over wearing a mask. During this, the security guard sustained several stab wounds that led to his death.

The perpetrator was arrested and referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary measures.

“Get out before I have to reach out.”

He also raised a previous video of a Saudi security guard preventing an Egyptian ambulance driver from entering a hospital in Jeddah. Widespread controversy through social networking sites.

The video showed a skirmish between the security guard and the ambulance driver, who insisted on entering the hospital’s emergency department. Without sterilization, after carrying a large number of Prime Time Zone infected with the emerging “Corona” virus.

The security man directs his words to the ambulance driver, saying: “Get out of here before I have to reach out to you, you came in 18 cases. I entered here without sterilization, so get out of here please. ”

And another video showed, the moment the ambulance driver attacked the security guard, which sparked anger among the Saudi tweeters. They saw that the leniency of the authorities made the “foreigner” attack the citizen without any fear or deterrence, as they put it.

Tweeters also said that the “Saudi” security guard was fired from his job after this incident, expressing their anger over that. And they are now living under the rule of non-Saudis.

“Tawakalna” application

In a related context, the Communications and Information Technology Commission in Saudi Arabia had launched the “Tawakolna” application on May 11th. It is currently used by about 12.5 million users, according to its administrations.

At the time, the Communications Authority announced the adoption of the “Tawakalna” application, as one of the applications for the Coronavirus epidemic. Which manages the permit process electronically during the curfew period.

The mechanism of implementing Tawakkalna is based on managing electronic permits, by allocating (4) hours per week. Everyone has to carry out his catering tasks at the time he desires.

In the event that the individual is compelled to violate the curfew decision and go out for an emergency order after exhausting his balance of the hours allocated to him. And a violation against him was recorded by the security men. In this case, the individual has the right to file an objection request through the “Absher” platform. Where the objection request is considered by the security committees, the response to the author of the objection and the justifications behind accepting or rejecting the request.

Later, the Communications Authority announced that the “Tawakalna” application would continue to be used for free, without being charged. Data cost for all users and across all mobile service providers.

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