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Social networking sites in Jordan witnessed a wave of controversy, following the circulation of a picture of a school map for the geography subject for the tenth grade, from which the name Palestine was deleted.

Jordanian activists launched a violent attack on the Ministry of Education, which attributed the cause of this scandal to an unintended mistake.

Map of Palestine in Jordan

The aforementioned map shows the deletion of the name of the State of Palestine from the bordering countries with the Kingdom of Jordan, specifically in the geography topic, the first lesson on page 12.

As a result of this uproar, the Ministry of Education issued a statement saying that “the expression (deletion) is inaccurate, since the name of Palestine was not included on the map in the first edition of the book in 2016.

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She added that there has been no change to it over the course of the annual editions, “noting that since that time, the Ministry has not received any notes related to this matter.”

The ministry also confirmed that it had no intention of “absenting the name of Palestine, and the reality of the Jordanian curricula attests to this, as our curricula in all grades are filled with topics that talk about Palestine.”

She added that she “will take this note into consideration in future editions of the book.”

Jordan’s parliament intervenes

For his part, Representative Khalil Attia directed a parliamentary question, through the cabinet, to Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh, about the fact that the name of the State of Palestine was deleted from the map of the countries bordering the Kingdom of Jordan in the field of geography.

Attia asked about the members of the Curriculum and Textbook Management Committee in the Ministry, and about the reasons for deleting the name of the State of Palestine in the geography topic, and providing him with the minutes of the meeting of the Curriculum and Textbook Management Committee in the Ministry of Education about the decision to delete the name of the State of Palestine.

And why, to date, the grave error in the geography study has not been corrected, and what are the measures that the Ministry of Education will take in order to return the name of the State of Palestine to the geography curriculum after the start of the 2021/22 school year and hand the topic over to students.

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However, the justifications of “education” did not convince the official in charge of the file against normalization in the Islamic Action Front, Engineer Muhammad Marwan, who saw that “national responsibility requires the Ministry of Education to be held accountable for neglecting to mention the name of Palestine on the map, even if we assume that the mistake was unintentional.”

Marwan said in a press statement to him, “The Ministry of Education is evading the responsibility for this mistake that has occurred since 2016, by placing the responsibility on the Jordanian society because it was not alerted to it, as if it is telling the citizen that you have the responsibility to research and explore the curricula of your children because its authors are unsafe Prime Time Zone.”

He added that “since Jordan signed the Wadi Araba agreement with the Zionist entity, we have seen a suspicious change in our children’s educational curricula, which is emptying them of societal and national values,” citing “the abolition of the Palestinian issue book from among these curricula after signing the ominous agreement.”

He asked: “Where are the names of the Jordanian army leaders who were martyred on the soil of Palestine in our educational curricula? Where is the focus on mentioning Al-Aqsa Mosque, the battle of dignity, and Sheikh Jarrah’s neighborhood in Jerusalem?”

“Why are the verses that speak of the Jews excluded? Why do the curricula neglect the education of young Prime Time Zone to confront the plans of the Zionist entity against Palestine and Jordan?

In its aforementioned statement, the Ministry of Education acknowledged that “the source of the maps in the textbooks is the (Royal) Jordanian Geographical Center,” noting that “this map, the subject of the conversation, is taken as it is from the source.”

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