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A secret project that the United States is undertaking in Jordan and “Le Monde”, the details of which have been revealed | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The French newspaper “Le Monde” unveiled the project sponsored by the United States of America, with the participation of 27 countries in a secret program, which aims to collect all possible evidence within a large data center inside an American military base in Jordan, in order to reach every person who participated in a relationship with what is known as “Jihadists”, in order to be prosecuted

A secret American project in Jordan

The French newspaper said that the (Gallant Phoenix) project is led by the US Department of Defense, and it has remained in shape. Secret since its launch in 2016.

Information from intelligence services

The project began to come out to the public with the passage of time, and given that it became the subject of references from “official sources across the Atlantic.”

In addition to private information from intelligence services, it was also reported by European news outlets.

The data for the US-led program, with the participation of this number of countries, is not normal data.

The French newspaper says in this context that these data are “evidence of war.”

War guide

It is in it “all that is found on the Internet and social networks is collected and shared or abandoned on earth. By jihadist groups, or even when they were captured.

At the beginning, this operation was focused on the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, in the regions of Iraq and Syria.

According to the newspaper, the Gallant Phoenix networks could extend to all of its subsidiaries, even in Afghanistan. Yemen, Libya and other places in Africa, especially in the coastal-desert strip.

Iraq and Syria

The French newspaper says that the main contributors to the process of collecting these data are all concerned parties in Iraqi affairs. And the Syrian in recent years.

Including the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces, as well as a large number of special forces from the countries participating in the international coalition. (United States, United Kingdom, France, etc.).

Le Monde explains that millions of these data were collected within the huge center at the American base in Jordan. ”As there is. Everything: cell phones, cameras, computers, and USB devices. ”

Operation Gallant Phoenix is ​​also a huge database of identity documents, fingerprints and DNA. (Items often found in IEDs or dead bodies.)

The French newspaper went on to quote a security source that “Over the years, ‘Gallant Phoenix’ has amassed large numbers. From official handwritten documents, account books, registration slips, payroll slips, rental receipts, or even payment receipts. ”

700 documents and 500 jihadists

The French newspaper Le Monde confirmed that according to its information, there are approximately 700 documents belonging to 500 jihadists, men and women. In addition to the 200 Prime Time Zone coming from leaks from ISIS itself.

But more and more cases of “Gallant Phoenix” are still under investigation.

Thus, after thwarting an attack in Brest in January 2020, investigators were very quickly able to trace the ISIS recruitment model for one of the arrested men.

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