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A security force raids the house of the Jordanian artist Zuhair Al-Noubani and detains his wife A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Jordanian artist, Zuhair Al-Noubani, sparked widespread controversy, after he revealed what his wife was exposed to by a security force after she was infected with the “Corona” virus.

She quarantined her daughter’s house

Zuhair Al-Noubani wrote on his Facebook page, narrating what happened in detail: “To the decision-makers in our beloved Jordan. My wife was infected with Corona on 9/2/2021, where her positive result appeared after the examination, and my result was negative.

Al-Noubani continued: “In order to avoid my injury, my wife quarantined herself in the house of my injured daughter, under medical supervision from the head of the Corona department at Jordan Hospital. Her health improved and recovered. “

Al-Noubani confirmed that his wife was in contact with the epidemiological department at the Ministry of Health on an almost daily basis, adding: “Today we were surprised by the presence of a security force. With health cadres who took her and quarantined her in the field hospital at Prince Hamzah Hospital under the pretext that she was not committed to her home, and she is now in the hospital and there are many injured around her and she may be injured.

Decision of the Minister of the Interior

Al-Noubani added, “My wife was refused to be removed except by a decision from the Minister of Interior, as she was deemed to be in violation of the isolation instructions and that she was outside her home.”

Al-Noubani asked: “Is this possible, and I am now in the hospital and I am trying to contact the officials and there is no answer. With preventive instructions and laws, may God protect Jordan from all evil and evil.

Correct the error

Later, Zuhair Al-Noubani confirmed that the error had been corrected and wrote in a comment: “My love, praise be to God and thanks to him, my wife left the hospital shortly before. I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who showed solidarity with us, whether by passing, commenting and sympathy. “

He continued: “If this indicates anything, it indicates nobility, kindness and solidarity with our dear Jordanian Prime Time Zone. I also extend my thanks and gratitude to all officials. Who cared about it and corrected the mistake ”.

Al-Noubani concluded his comment by saying: “May God protect us, the Beloved, from all evil, evil, and direction and his family with goodness, love, glory, honor, security, peace and blessings.”

Corona experience

Al-Noubani previously talked about the “Corona” experience and how he tried to invest in it in a positive way, and he did not feel despair or bored.

In a previous press interview with the local newspaper “Al-Ghad”, Al-Noubani said that the Corona crisis was not difficult on a personal level. Rather, he was able to adapt to the conditions accompanying it by virtue of the nature of his work, which makes him available most of the months of the year, and his tendency to be alone.

Al-Noubani revealed that he practices reading, meditation and thinking with new artistic ideas at this time, pointing out that the Corona pandemic is a harsh experience. The curious imposed a new lifestyle and changed many things.

He continued at the time: “The crisis has made us as a society more united and united. It contributed in one way or another to the consolidation of noble values ​​and it really gave us the opportunity to stand. One row in the face of this danger that surrounds us all.

Nubani stressed that he longs for his freedom despite his adaptation to the situation and the mandatory quarantine that came with the aim of protecting everyone.

Zuhair Al-Noubani said that social media has greatly contributed to easing the isolation due to the “Corona” pandemic, and created a different type of communication.

Who is Zuhair Nobani?

It is noteworthy that Zuhair Nubani (70 years old) is one of the most famous Jordanian actors and has been dubbed the “master of Bedouin drama”, and has presented more than 120 TV work. During it, he became famous for the evil roles.

Nubani spent his childhood in Jabal Amman, Al-Mutran Street, then moved with his family, who settled in Jabal Al-Qal’a, and studied at Al-Hassan Al-Basri School in Jabal. Al-Joufeh and then transferred to Prince Hassan School and studied high school at Al-Hussein College, and then at the University of Jordan, to graduate in 1974.

After a long career in art, he worked in commerce, and he holds an honorary doctorate from the British International Academy / Cairo.

Among the most important works of Zuhair Nubani in television dramas: (Falcons of the Desert) 1977, (Shajarat Al-Durr) 1979, (Happened in Al-Maamoura) 1981. (The Difficult Decision) 1992, (Imru` Al-Qais) 2002, (The Road to Kabul) 2004, (Sultana) 2007, (Theb Saraya) 2013.

All stone breaks are required

The Jordanian Minister of Interior, Samir Al-Mobaideen, had held a meeting in the ministry building on Friday, with governors. Al-Asimah, Zarqa, Irbid and Jerash. To discuss the procedures related to home quarantined persons and the health and preventive instructions followed, in accordance with the approved health protocol.

The Minister of Interior confirmed at the meeting that he was counting on the governors, as heads of public administrations in their areas of competence, to continue to do so. The necessary efforts to follow up the home quarantined, and to reach them by all legal means. Given the developments in the epidemiological situation related to the Corona pandemic.

The Minister of Interior stated that upon reaching these persons, their commitment to domestic isolation is verified. Pointing out that everyone who proves that he is outside. The house is a person in contradiction and contact, and therefore it is considered wanted and must be followed up until he is brought, to be sent. To the field hospital, in order to complete the term of guarded quarantine.

And the minister added that after the isolation period in the hospital ends, he is forbidden to leave the hospital except by order of the governor. Whoever refers him to the judiciary to take legal action against him.

The minister said that field tours and inspections of those isolated at home are continuing, in implementation of the directives of King Abdullah II.

Corona in Jordan

For their part, the governors called on the Prime Time Zone quarantined to abide by home quarantine instructions and not to violate defense orders. To preserve their health and safety. Avoid infecting others.

It is worth noting that Jordan recorded 16 deaths and 867 new cases of Coronavirus during the twenty-four hours. The past, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health.

This brings the total number of deaths to 4,528 deaths, and injuries to 357,611 cases, while the number of cases reaches. Currently active 20191 cases.

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A security force raids the house of the Jordanian artist Zuhair Al-Noubani and detains his wife  A nation is tweeting out of tune