A Spanish website publishes the story of the Sahrawi activist “Sultana Jaya” and embarrasses the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Sahrawi human rights activist Sultana Jaya and her family are subjected to physical and psychological abuse by the Moroccan authorities until they desist from their peaceful demands for self-determination and independence for the Sahrawi Prime Time Zone.

In this context, the websiteRebels“The Spaniard reported on the Spanish Association of Independent Commissions, which called on the government to fulfill its responsibilities as a power based on Western Sahara, and in particular, to ensure the protection of Sahrawi activist Sultana Jaya and her family and to demand the Moroccan government to respect international humanitarian law.

Sultana Jaya

In the report translated by Watan newspaper, the website said that Sultana Jaya represents one of the most visible and famous faces in the occupied areas of Western Sahara, due to her direct confrontation with what the report described as “the Moroccan occupation authorities.”

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The report continued, “Sultana, a human rights activist and defender of the rights of the residents of Western Sahara, as well as her family, is under house arrest, which was imposed by Moroccan paramilitary forces more than 295 days ago. Not to mention that her house is closed, which prevents them from visiting.”

In a related context, he added, the Moroccan regime is taking advantage of the state of war and the closure of the borders due to the epidemic, to create a climate of fear and repression against Sahrawi civilians in the occupied areas of Western Sahara. Knowing that it is the last African colony that is still under Spanish rule, the power based on its administration is waiting for decolonization.

International institutions and Spanish organizations

It is noteworthy that the labor committees responded to the request of other Spanish institutions and organizations, to demand the United Nations, the European Union and the Government of Spain, to act urgently and protect the Sahrawi activist Sultana, and her family, who are in grave danger.

Especially since they are now living in a continuous siege, in addition to being completely isolated, so that visits have been prevented from them by the Moroccan occupation forces, according to the description of the Spanish “Rebellion” website.

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In addition, the organizations called on the labor committees in Spain, the UN Security Council, to expedite the holding of a referendum on self-determination of the Sahrawi Prime Time Zone as authorized in several UN resolutions.

In conclusion, the workers’ committees affirmed, “In the same way and as on previous occasions, we ask the government of Spain to fulfill its responsibilities as a force, and in particular, to ensure the protection of the Sahrawi activist Sultana Jaya, and her family, and to demand the government of Morocco to respect international human rights.”

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