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The Egyptian artist, Somaya Al-Khashab, shared with her fans the moment she traveled to Portugal, and published her picture from the plane on board the Egyptian Airlines.

Somaya to Cristiano: We must meet

Somaya al-Khashab published photos through her official account on (Instagram), documenting the moment she arrived at the airport in the capital, Lisbon.

What drew the attention of followers in Sumaya’s photos, is her sunglasses, which they mocked because of her size, and others noted the presence of a gray tuft in the front of her head, and they said that the artist forgot to include them with dye.

Somaya al-Khashab sparked controversy with her message to the Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo, a star, where she wrote in a tweet via her account on Twitter: (I am in Portugal, I have a few needs that I will solve and we must meet and see the next deal. How do you care, Cristiano).

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A mockery of Sumaya al-Khashab

Which exposed the Egyptian artist to a wave of ridicule, and criticism, so it came in the comments: (The man in his condition will not look for Egyptians, my lady).

Another wrote: (After the marriage of her ex-husband, it became clear that (Sumaya) loved Al-Mahital (Ahmed Saad) with all her heart. This is very clear from the disorder of her behavior and her attempt to hide her feelings behind the false mask of happiness and clamor like any female singing and dancing in front of Prime Time Zone on the day of her divorce. While the fire inside her is burning When she is alone, poor Sumaya!).

Another mocked Omar Sumaya al-Khashab and wrote: (Hello, Cristiano, your uncle has been found in Portugal, come quickly).

A tweeter also mocked the size of Sumaya’s sunglasses, and wrote: (You will not be aware of freshness and eating half of the doubt).

Another compared her to Cristiano’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, and wrote: (Oh, hey, you come to Georgina only).

And another wrote: (Henim Georgina and the children and Jilk are present).

Tweeters warned her that Cristiano does not reside in Portugal, as she thinks, but in Britain.

Sumaya al-Khashab has previously raised controversy by celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to his Manchester United team, in an unusual way.

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Somaya al-Khashab published a picture of her on her Twitter account, while she was in a wedding dress, commenting: (I can’t wait to see the first match of Cristiano Ronaldo with United, I feel that I will be excited and happy, as if it were a happy day).

After being ridiculed and accusations from the public that she was trying to provoke her divorced singer Ahmed Saad, who recently celebrated his wedding, Somaya deleted the tweet.

It is not the first time that Sumaya al-Khashab has been involved in the pictures that she publishes since her ex-husband’s marriage, as she caused a sensation and led the trend with the mysterious image she published after the spread of pictures of Ahmed Saad’s marriage contract.

Indecent picture

Sumaya al-Khashab appeared in the photo she posted on Twitter, making a movement with her hand as if explaining the size of something, and the picture was not attached to any comment.

Then I followed her with a comment in which she wrote, directing her words to her followers: (I love you very much).

Some considered that Sumaya al-Khashab slandered Ahmed Saad with a special order, and that this movement was a crude suggestion.

Khashab toxicity to investigation

This made the captain of the acting professions in Egypt, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, express his displeasure and anger at the image.

Zaki said in a telephone intervention on the (Hazrat Al-Citizen) program via Al-Hadath Al-Youm satellite channel, that the General Federation of Trade Unions took a decision regarding the exchange of artists on social networking sites, explaining that the artist who transgressed another right would be transferred for investigation and expelled from the union if he was found guilty.

On the image of Sumaya al-Khashab, Zaki confirmed that he will discuss the matter and refer it to investigation, commenting: (We are supposed to be the soft forces and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi spoke today about the value of art and creativity and the value of the Egyptian artist and his status among the whole world).

Zaki stressed the importance of not offending Egypt and the art profession, to which artists are proud to belong, as he put it.

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