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A strange video from Saudi Arabia … young men harass a handsome young man in front of an ATM! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists circulated on social media a video documenting the moment a group of young men harassed another handsome young man in front of an exchange machine in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

“How much tonight?”

In the circulating video that “Watan” monitored, the moment the young man goes to the money exchange machine, two young men approach him and one of them asks him: “How much is your night?”

The other young man comes to try to save his friend, and the harassed young man also beat him, which prompted him to flee, while the first young man remained unable to move.

The tweeters reported that one of the young harassers suffered a broken jaw after the assault.

Tweeters interact

The video sparked widespread controversy among the tweeters, some of them doubted its authenticity, and some of them criticized the phenomenon of harassment and homosexuality in the Kingdom.

And one of the comments read: “I swear I will cry from the intensity of laughter, even the young Prime Time Zone have not been spared from each other.”

Another commented, “He puts his secret in his weakest creation, glory to God.”

Another called for strict laws against harassment, writing: “Harassers are many and laws must be issued to deter them.”

Another agreed with him on the same request, writing: “Every harasser deserves what happens to him, and he is supposed to be imprisoned for 5 or 10 years, whether the harasser is a girl or a young man.”

Acting or reality?

While others mocked, confirming that the scene is an act, so a tweet wrote: “The director wants this … and the camera is tired of it.”

The last opinion agreed and wrote: “It is not clear that it represents a tenth degree.”

Another pointed out to the angle of filming and that it does not match the angle of the surveillance cameras, and wrote: “Representing the aggressors, hiding their faces and the angle of filming is not a place.”

While it is not possible to verify the authenticity of what is being circulated on social media, there has been no official comment from the competent authorities on the incident.

A young man complains of harassment!

The Kingdom witnessed a similar incident a few days ago, when the pioneers of social networking sites transmitted a video clip of a young man revealing that he had been harassed by three men.

The young man also said in a group conversation on the “Club House” application that he was harassed by three young men, including two of his relatives, stressing that men are also subjected to harassment like girls.

The young man said: “For those who say that harassment is limited to girls only, I am a young man and three have harassed me, my uncle’s son, my maternal uncle and one of the neighbors, meaning that the harassment is not only for girls.

Social media activists traded, video, and clip of a young man harassing a girl while she was in her car, in a way that the tweeters described as disgusting.

The video shows a young man harassing the girl from behind the windshield of her car, by sticking his tongue out in an unethical manner.

And the Qassim region police announced the arrest of a citizen in his second decade of life. For documenting indecent signals being directed near a vehicle in a woman. And he posted it on his account.

Al-Qassim Police said that the young man’s behavior constitutes a crime according to the systems of combating the crime of harassment and combating information crimes.

Amending the law to combat the crime of harassment

A few weeks ago, the agency reported:SPAOfficial, that the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom held a meeting headed by the Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdulaziz. Where he approved a package of decisions, including adding a paragraph to Article VI of the law on combating the crime of harassment.

This paragraph states: “The judgment issued determining the penalties referred to in this article may include the text to publish its summary at the expense of the convicted person in one or more local newspapers. Or in any other appropriate way. This is according to the gravity of the crime and its impact on society. Provided that the publication after the judgment acquires the final character.

The anti-harassment system, which came into effect in 2018, also provides for severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to 5 years, and heavy fines for convicts. However, it did not include at the time articles that would allow defamation of harassers under any circumstances.

Following the issuance of the amendment, thousands of Twitter users in the Kingdom traded the hashtag “Anti-harassment crime system”. To climb very quickly to the top of the “most traded” in Saudi Arabia.

A large number of social media users welcomed this amendment, considering it a strong step to eliminate the phenomenon of harassment.

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