A Sudanese academic comments on the spying scandal, and this is what he said about Ibn Zayed | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The prominent Sudanese thinker and academic, Dr. Taj Al-Sir Othman, commented on the recent Emirati espionage scandal. And that was revealed by the “New York Times” yesterday, Saturday.

Taj Al-Sir Othman said during a tweet that he had monitored (Watan): “Every day, the reputation of the UAE is tarnished by spying scandals. And it reveals to the world that it cannot get rid of the disgraceful behavior behind which a sick person is standing.

I wish it spied on the occupied islands

وتابع Sudanese thinker Criticizing the disgraceful behavior of the Emirati leadership: “I wish it had spied on the three islands to find out what Iran was doing. But it is less than doing it.

Many tweeters and activists interacted with Taj Al-Sir Othman’s tweet, and expressed their resentment and dissatisfaction with this role played by the UAE.

Which can not be satisfied with him and the future of the relationship with the UAE in light of the existence of such shameful practices.

A commentator said on the tweet of the Sudanese thinker: “I beg your pardon, Doctor, with what I will say. The ruler of the Emirates knows how big it is. And you know that if you were to cover the length and width of the earth, you would not change the world as far as the position of your foot.

He continued: “And to close the door of the great embarrassment that Israel fell into with its trustworthy benefactor, America, when it was exposed by spying on it years ago, and the boys are nothing but a front.”

While one of the tweeters added about Othman’s tweet and said: “Whoever helps the Emirates in espionage is Israel. As for exposing it by the Americans. It is for the sake of making more concessions and more submission.

And a third tweet went on to say that “espionage is a method of smart Prime Time Zone that is exposed over the passage of decades.”

And she continued: “As for what the UAE government is doing, it is a bad scenario on the stage of stupidity. The truth about the actors who are not good at is revealed. The art of role-playing the moment they appear. Even children discover all their nourishment. “

Another tweet considered that “the Emiratis are destroying the peoples of the Middle East and destroying the ambitions of developing countries and expropriating the blood of peoples.”

And he continued: “They are godfathers plotting against the Islamic ummah. God abuses their faces, O God, destroy them, and put their ploy in slaughtering them .. Oh God, destroy all those who are forced and arrogant against your servants.”

UAE spy network

The American New York Times detonated a surprise during a report in which it revealed that Abu Dhabi launched an electronic spy network. From analysts for the US National Security Agency.

The American newspaper quoted a former member of this spy network that there was a misinformation operation that took place for analysts under the cover of working for a government that the newspaper described as an ally of Washington.

The American newspaper quoted a former member of this spy network as being misled by double financial offers under the cover of working for an allied government of Washington.

Abu Dhabi ran the spy network

The member also told the American newspaper that “Abu Dhabi has run electronic espionage activities against Qatar to prove terrorism financing allegations. And spied on members of the ruling family of Qatar.

He explained that the American spy team withdrew after they arrived through piracy to reveal private correspondence, which was between the wife of former US President Barack Obama, Michelle, and the wife of the Emir of Qatar, the father of Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al-Misnad, and the mother of the current Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad.

The “New York Times” confirmed in its report that the US authorities. Investigation of the UAE spying on electronic correspondence of US officials. Among them is Michelle Obama, wife of the former president.

The report indicated that the hacker team assigned them an attempt to prove that Qatar funds terrorism.

They hacked Sheikha Moza’s phone

They were asked to hack the emails of Sheikha Mozah, and they found nothing but correspondence about education.

The newspaper pointed out that when the hackers saw this humanitarian role, he refused to continue the process of spying on Sheikha Mozah.

And according to the “New York Times”, the electronic espionage operation that Abu Dhabi managed to bypass the Qatari ruling family, to FIFA officials.

The former member of the spy network also revealed assignments to work on establishing allegations that Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Qatar News Agency hacked

It should be noted that, immediately after the siege crisis, specifically in July of 2017, the Qatari Ministry of Interior revealed that the investigation into the crime of piracy of the websites of the Qatar News Agency revealed that two internet addresses in the UAE were used to carry out the hacking.

The ministry continued, explaining that the technical evidence of the crime was referred to the Public Prosecutor in Qatar, who began litigation procedures to punish the hackers.

The head of the investigation team at the Qatari Ministry of Interior, Lt. Col. Ali Muhammad Al-Muhannadi, said that two electronic addresses (IP) located in the United Arab Emirates were used in the piracy of the Qatar News Agency.

He expressed that what is strange about the issue is the size of what happened after the penetration and the publication of that fabricated news.

Adding that the strange thing is the size of what happened after the hack and the spread of fake news.

Where a major media attack was launched against Qatar from the UAE by re-publishing the fake news about the Emir of Qatar.

Al-Mohannadi also added that the evidence related to the piracy crime was transferred to the Qatari Public Prosecution, which initiated the legal case against the hackers.

The head of the investigation team indicated that there is an existing problem, which is that the whereabouts and identity of the hacker can only be known by the UAE authorities.

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