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A surprise about the pornography of “Jeff Bezos,” owner of Amazon, after Mohammed bin Salman was accused of hacking his phone


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The American newspaper “The Wrap” reported that the former husband of the mistress of the Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos, was accused of leaking his porn photos and messages with her to the American media, while he denies the accusation.

The investigator appointed by Bezos had previously accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the main leak in retaliation for the Washington Post’s coverage of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudi authorities denied the validity of these accusations, describing them as “absurd.”

The alleged hacking incident took place five months before Jamal Khashoggi was killed. He worked for the Washington Post, owned by Bezos.

Khashoggi, an opponent of the government, was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2018.

The British Guardian newspaper reported that Jeff Bezos’s phone was hacked after receiving a suspicious link from bin Salman’s personal account. Via the WhatsApp messaging application.

According to the Guardian, on this date he sent a “junk file” from the crown prince’s account to Bezos. In what appears to be a “friendly exchange” of letters.

The Guardian quoted anonymous sources as saying that within hours a large amount of data was pulled from Bezos’ phone.

Bezos accused the National Enquirer, the pro-Saudi populist newspaper based in the United States. He was blackmailed and blackmailed after she posted text messages between him and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, the former TV presenter for Fox News.

A Bezos-hired investigator, Gavin de Becker, finds links between Saudi Arabia and the hacking of the Washington Post’s owner’s phone.

De Becker wrote on the Daily Beast website: “With a great deal of confidence, our investigators and many of our experts have concluded that the Saudis found a way to Bezos’s phone. And they got private information. ”

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world, had friendly relations with bin Salman and had economic interests in Saudi Arabia before the murder took place.

However, relations soured after the Washington Post’s strong condemnation of Saudi Arabia and the reports it published about the killing.

The Oslo-based Arab writer and activist, Iyad Al-Baghdadi, who was a friend of Khashoggi, believes that the hacking of the phone of the richest man in the world sends a message to critics of the regime in Riyadh.

“This is the dark logic of targeting Bezos: If the richest man in the world could be targeted and blackmailed, who would be safe?” Baghdadi wrote in the Washington Post.

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