A talk about the great Monsef Al-Marzouki, “We apologize to others”


When Ramadan was in the summer of 2016, Monsef Al-Marzouki participated in a naval convoy to lift the siege on Gaza with a group of well-known international figures, including journalists and politicians. This convoy was in an attempt by two Israeli Apache helicopters to attack the ship and finish off those on it, had it not been for the high-level interventions of the high command of the occupation army.

At that time, an orphan question came to my mind, what led the man to such dangers? A man with the rank of former president receives 30 thousand dinars. (or without it) per month and rides such difficulties?! At that time, of course, I wrote a post on it such as “What do I make you laugh and the ugliest satire in you is praise?”

Moncef Marzouki

Moncef Marzouki (which most/others don’t know) was the only president who accepted a job as a neurologist. A brain surgeon (neurologue) in the interior, the day his fellow Nannati and the Velvet Neighbors played it, and he divided the week between teaching at the medical school and medicine in one of the villages of 3000 years of civilization!

An international organization chose him as the most educated and influential person in the world out of twenty with him, and major human rights organizations summoned him to give speeches. In the areas of rights and freedoms, he used to recite it in Arabic first (as a condition of his pride in his identity) and then repeat it in French and English, which he used to master just as we mastered drinking water!

In 1994, after the campaign of the criminal, dictator Ben Ali, against the Islamists, and then the rest of the opponents, and after his neutralization of the general atmosphere and his deprivation of Tunisians. From the candidacy and the election, Moncef Marzouki dared to challenge him and his repressive machine and announced his candidacy for the presidential elections only to find himself thrown in Ceylon due to the assault on the supreme November self, and then he came out with the mediation of the dean of prisoners in the world “Nelson Mondela”, who pleaded for him a pardon with a crime maker The seventh of November.

If Marzouki was invited by an international organization to give his opinion when he was president, he would leave the presidential plane and deduct a ticket on his account. Because the invitation came to him as the thinker, not the president.

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Al-Marzouqi did not imprison a single journalist, thinker or writer, nor did he confiscate a single opinion, even the one that discredited his presentation!!

And how many examples the man gave as evidence of his simplicity when he was crying and affected with every funeral of our soldiers as he raised their coffins. on his shoulders. He buries them with his pick and sheds his tears, and he deducted 27 thousand dinars from his monthly stipend (monthly) for the benefit of the families of the revolution’s martyrs and wounded. And he was satisfied with only 3,000 dinars (they don’t want others to do it, and “mabon” is a term found in the mediator’s dictionary, and it is a description and not ugly).

Moncef Al-Marzouki is the author of 27 books in various languages ​​on political theorizing, political and intellectual philosophy, and how states are run while taking care of peoples’ rights and freedoms.

Poets Without Borders

His latest book, according to what I remember, is a book called “Poets Without Borders,” which was given to me by his former advisor in the presidency, my brother and friend. Walid bin Omran, and I remember that I was like a dwarfed dwarf in front of a dinosaur named Monsef Al-Marzouki, as I had not read of a Tunisian writer who possessed that ability to use the pre-Islamic Arabic language with such perfection.

Today, perhaps, Marzouki is making a mistake after many mistakes that he repeatedly commits, like any president in the world (and you have a farcical example in Macron), and whoever does not work does not make mistakes.. He made a mistake to find himself in front of a roaring torrent of insults and slander and insults from a slanderer who does not know . The man’s history is a mustard amount, and her hearts were hardened against him only from the beginning, because he allied himself with the Islamists, and his excuses were for him personally, as his vision as a secular man in harmony with himself led to the fact that there is no way for the country to advance without an alliance between its secularists and Islamists. Its Islamists whom he defended when he was exiled in France, then after that pride took them in sin, so they insulted him because he criticized them.. and there is no surprise in the man’s metal and he continues to this day at the same pace and he has challenged the kings and owners of Saudi Arabia by placing pictures of detainees in their prisons from the sheikhs as a picture of Covartour..

Mr. President:

Do not be saddened by what they say, for this is a time in which the opinion of Dr. Ali Farid appears with its horns.. and it is not surprising that the lowly and the most despicable of the Prime Time Zone gather against a man of your stature and position, eating from his flesh and subsisting from his reputation with clichés such as beans, chickpeas and whiskey, they are nothing but names that they and their fathers named ..

I say it in conclusion, and I do not proceed, from the whole of my heart. Thank you, Mr. President, for your loyalty to your principles, your country and your Prime Time Zone. And on your devotion to all the peoples of the world..In the end, we are all walking to his Lord..One to his destination..and another to his destination..

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