A terrifying thunderstorm hits the Wilayat of Saham and Al-Khaboura .. Watch the great devastation that has not happened since the February 1988 storm | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A thunderstorm described as “terrifying” hit the Wilayat of Saham and Al-Khaburah in the Sultanate of Oman, which led to property losses, while other states, such as Nizwa, witnessed torrential rains accompanied by hail and falling winds.

The speed of the descending thunderstorms in the Wilayat of Saham reached 110 km / hr.

Omani tweeters published pictures showing the impact of the storm on Saham, and the extent of the damage it caused to property.

Thunderstorm in Saham and Al Khaboura

Concerning the Saham and Al-Khaboura storm, the weather specialist (Zahir Al-Shaksi) said on Twitter: The Saham and Al-Khaboura storm is a very complex system of clouds, starting from the frontal system and then into the squall line. Then it evolved after the cloud wrapped into a supercell, which is evident from the hook and of course the wind. The descent was severe, more than 110 km / h. We cannot confirm if there was a tornado because some boats were flying.

He explained in a second tweet: Through a clip filmed in Barka, it becomes clear that there is a very clear funnel, and it is possible that gives us an indication that it is sahm and al-Khabura may also have witnessed the presence of a tornado, and this can be known from the positions of the materials, trees and the wall that fell if they are all at the same angle of incidence or different directions.

And he published a picture of a boat that appeared to be pushed by strong winds and settled on a car, confirming that this scene proves the theory of the existence of a tornado.

Something that has not happened since the February storm of 1988!

For his part, the Omani predictor, Harith Al-Saifi, said that what happened on the 3rd and 4th of May on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Oman is a very severe thing, and he does not believe that it has repeated since the February 1988 storm.

He said that hundreds of palm trees fell along the villages of Saham, Al-Khaboura and Al-Suwaiq, and some of them fell on the walls and demolished them and livestock.

He stressed that many cars were damaged either by falling trees on them and by the winds throwing flying objects.

Al-Saifi published a video from a thunderstorm, commenting on it by saying: Terrifying moments that the Prime Time Zone of those states lived, including those who were in their home and the other in their car.

Omani weather

The Omani meteorology had warned of very fast winds associated with thunderstorms that could exceed 55 knots (100 km / h).

She pointed out that parts of the governorates of Ad Dakhiliyah, South Al Batinah and Muscat were affected by thunderstorms of varying intensity accompanied by occasional active descending winds.

On Wednesday morning, the meteorologists said that there is an influx and the formation of high clouds on the northwestern parts of the Sultanate, with low clouds in parts of the South Al Sharqiyah and Al Wusta governorates.

Weather until Friday

The general weather bulletin issued by the Oman Meteorology stated that from today until Friday, the flow of clouds continued and the formation of cumulus clouds and thunderstorms precipitation accompanied by active winds and hail falling on the Hajar Mountains and the surrounding areas and the governorates of Musandam and Dhofar during the afternoon, extending to the coasts of the Sea of ​​Oman. During the evening.

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