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A thunderstorm hit the Wilayat of Al Mazyona in the Sultanate of Oman, as a result of a new humid mass rushing towards the south of the Arabian Peninsula, pushing with it large amounts of tropical moisture over the various layers of the atmosphere.

Dhofar is awaiting a rainy night, as weather statistics indicate an increase in the crossing of humid air currents towards the Dhofar region on Thursday/Friday night, causing clouds, thunder and rain.

Thunderstorm in Oman

With the dawn and morning hours of Friday, it is expected that there will be an additional intensification in the cloud force.

And the rains become between medium and heavy in large areas of Dhofar, accompanied by lightning, and hail showers may fall sometimes.

Weather experts warn of the severity of thunderstorms, and the risk of torrential rains.

Experts also warn of the intensity of downward winds associated with thunder clouds, and the risk of reduced horizontal visibility due to dust waves caused by downward winds.

Monitoring devices indicate a new humid mass rushing towards southern Arabia on Friday, pushing with it large amounts of tropical moisture over the various layers of the atmosphere.

Which leads to the continued emergence of unstable weather conditions accompanied by thunderstorms in many areas of the Sultanate.

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With the hours of Friday morning, it is expected that the Sultanate will cross equatorial air currents, which will create atmospheric disturbances, resulting in the formation of thunderclouds.

Rain falls on parts of the capital, Muscat, north and south of Al Sharqiyah, in addition to Al Wusta.

The rains are sometimes thunderous and of varying intensity in general, and are accompanied by showers of cold and activity of surface winds, which raise dust and dust in some areas.

While strong cumulus clouds are expected to rush towards Dhofar Governorate, especially in the morning and noon hours.

It is sometimes strong and accompanied by heavy rain, which leads to the flow of valleys and the occurrence of sudden torrential rains, especially in valleys and slopes.

After noon, local formations are expected to begin on the Hajar Mountains, especially the Western Hajar, and extend to neighboring areas from time to time and some desert areas.

It is expected that rain will cover large parts of Al Dhahirah, Al Dakhiliyah, Al Buraimi, South Sharqiyah, in addition to Al Wusta.

With the evening and night hours, it is expected that the chances of rain will improve to include parts of the coasts of Oman, especially the coasts of North and South Al Batinah.

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