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Activists on the networking sites in Tunisia circulated pictures that met with great interaction, of a Tunisian who brought him to his great righteousness with his mother to the point of carrying her on his back to the hospital.

The Tunisian citizen, who was praised by the activists, appeared, according to the pictures, carrying his sick mother on his back to take her to the hospital in the city of Kairouan in the center of the country.

Tunisians praise the righteousness of the Tunisian young man towards his mother

At the same time, activists praised the work of this righteous person to his mother, they criticized the low level of medical service and the lack of appropriate care for such cases.

And one of the activists wrote, commenting: “God bless him.. God willing, in the balance of his good deeds.”

Another said: “My Lord heals her and restores her, and my Lord blesses him and rewards him for the good of this world and the hereafter.”

She criticized the activist of the Ministry of Health, saying: “Oh, the Ministry of Health is such a shame, the head of the country, it is not reasonable, the head of the government, wake up from sleep, acetate is a shame and no conscience!”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the death of a security officer, as a result of his infection with the Corona virus, in front of a government hospital, while he was demanding an oxygen dose, shook the Tunisians, who accused the health authorities of neglect and negligence, and demanded the opening of an investigation and bearing responsibilities.

The incident took place in front of Ibn Al-Jazzar Hospital in Kairouan Governorate (central), which is witnessing a record increase in the number of infections and deaths from the Corona virus during this period.

Where social media circulated videos and photos of a citizen taking his last breath in front of the hospital without interference or briefing from the medical and semi-medical staff, in a shocking scene that reflects the collapse of the health sector in the country.

In the details, his cousin said, in statements to the media, that the victim, a police governor, had deteriorated his health while he was working, so he was transferred to the local hospital in the city of Al-Sabikha.

Where it was discovered that he was infected with the Corona virus, to be taken to Ibn Al-Jazzar Hospital in Kairouan Governorate, but the medical staff there informed him that his health condition did not require oxygen even though he was suffering from severe shortness of breath, to be abandoned, fainted and fell to the ground upon his exit from the hospital.

She added that despite his calls for intervention to save him, no one turned to him, so that he could breathe in front of everyone, and she blamed his death on the medical staff who supervised him in the hospital.

Commenting on this, Zakir Laheeb, a cardiologist at the military hospital, confirmed that the death of a citizen in front of a hospital without any briefing or intervention is a state crime, a major downfall of the health system and a moral downfall for those who filmed the scene and did not apply for aid.

Tunisia is living in a critical health situation under the impact of the fourth wave of the epidemic that struck the country, especially the Kairouan Governorate, which witnessed a wide spread of the Corona virus in injuries and deaths.

Hospitals also exceeded their maximum capacity and found it difficult to provide medical oxygen to patients with the virus.

In light of this situation, demands have increased calling for the imposition of a comprehensive quarantine throughout the country, to protect the lives of Tunisians, with complaints about poor capabilities and the collapse of the health system.

In total, Tunisia had recorded, as of last Sunday, more than 407,000 cases of coronavirus, including 14,700 deaths and 347 thousand cases of recovery.

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