A Tunisian constitutional expert calls for the urgent imprisonment of government ministers | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Tunisian constitutional expert, Rabeh Al-Kharaifi, demanded the imprisonment of government ministers who had received the Corona vaccine, as he said, “surreptitiously”, considering that this is against the law and falls within the framework of achieving personal benefit, and this accusation calls for imprisonment of violators for at least ten years.

Who are the ministers who surreptitiously carried the vaccine, according to the Tunisian expert

Constitutional expert Rabeh Al-Kharaifi, during his hosting of a radio program, said that the secret vaccination process, from which three ministers have benefited so far (as far as I know), amounts to a criminal offense according to Article 96 of the penal code.

Al-Kharaifi added, “There is no justification with Article 96 of the penal code, the matter is simply to use money to obtain personal benefit, and Article 96 is clear and includes 10 years imprisonment without the slightest judgment of the judge.)

Article 96 stipulates that “anyone who exploits his capacity to extract a benefit that has no purpose for himself or others or to harm the administration, or violates the arrangements applicable to those operations to achieve the benefit or harm referred to them shall be imprisoned, by imprisonment for a period of ten years and a fine equal to the value of the benefit he obtained.” .

There were recent reports that members of the Tunisian government had received the Corona vaccine, which sparked a widespread controversy in Tunisia.

The Tunisian opposition confirmed that the matter was done (secretly) and at the expense of thousands of Tunisian citizens, noting that there was a suspicion of corruption in this file, which was denied by the government, which confirmed that the vaccination of ministers was carried out in a transparent manner and with respect for priority, given that the vaccination of members of the government came after the occurrence of Health workers and the elderly get the vaccine.

Last month, the Tunisian government issued a series of decisions about new measures to limit the spread of the “Corona” virus, including curfews for cars and bicycles from seven in the evening to five in the morning, with the aim of limiting the movement of citizens.

Auto quarantine

This measure sparked widespread controversy among Tunisians, who interpreted the decision as saying that the government of their country is afraid of cars from. Coronavirus infection.!

A former Tunisian parliamentarian, Souad Zouali, called the term “car quarantine” on the decision, and wrote. In a post on her personal Facebook page: “I did not understand the government’s decisions … I understood one decision, which is the quarantine of cars.”

Tunisian director Najib Manasria ridiculed the decision, writing on his Facebook page: “Next week it was lifted. “Car seats .. Driving cars standing up.”

Tunisian activist Nabil Rihani expected, sarcastically, that the Tunisian government would later give cars a vaccine against the Corona virus, and wrote on his Facebook page: “Who among you knows when the government comes to vaccinate cars and motorcycles?”

Activist Mahdi Hamawi also ridiculed the decision, writing: “You want to go to the cafe .. go but on foot .. the car and the motorcycle are not.”

The media, Anisa Makscheh, asked: “What is the meaning of preventing movement in cars and motorcycles at seven o’clock while keeping the curfew at ten o’clock … Have they discovered that Corona loves mechanics or what?”

New procedures in Tunisia

The director of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases in Tunisia, Nassaf Ben Alia, called for a avoidance. Travel from Tunisia to abroad, except in extreme cases, in order to avoid the transmission of the Coronavirus to the British and Brazilian strains.

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During a press conference held by the National Authority to Combat Covid-19, Bin Aliya confirmed that the health situation in the country is very dangerous.

Ben Alia indicated that the new procedures approved by the authority will be applied from today, Sunday, to April 30.

The new measures included the suspension of schools and institutes with the adoption of distance education in higher education, and the curfew for cars and bicycles from seven in the evening to five in the morning, in order to limit the movement of citizens and reduce the level of infection that was exacerbated by the high number of infections caused by the mutated British strain.

Ben Alia called for adherence to preventive measures against the Coronavirus in order to break the episodes of infection with the disease, noting that these new decisions aim to make the vaccination campaign successful, which Tunisia has launched since March 13th.

Schools and universities

Tunisia decided to suspend lessons in all schools and secondary institutes and adopt distance education in universities in order to combat the resurgence of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Tunisian government spokeswoman said in a press conference that the decision to suspend the study will extend from 18 to 30 April. And “includes primary and intermediate education and institutes (…) and the accreditation of distance education in higher education.”

In the same press conference, a spokeswoman for the Tunisian Ministry of Health described the health situation in the country as “very dangerous and characterized by a high rate of cases.” Health officials warned this week that some hospital departments have reached their maximum capacity, especially in major governorates.

The number of HIV infections and deaths in Tunisia has increased since the beginning of this month, reaching tens of deaths and more than a thousand infections per day. The total was 9,637 deaths and nearly 280,000 injuries.

A week ago, Tunisian Prime Minister Hicham El Mechichi relaxed the night curfew at the request of President Qais Saeed, days after he tightened it to curb the growing spread of Covid-19.

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