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A clip circulating on social media in Tunisia showed the moment a parliamentarian attacked the head of the Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, and directed several successive slaps at her, after she tried to disrupt and thwart the session.

According to the widely circulated clip, MP Al-Subhi Samara appeared walking towards Abeer Musa while she was holding the microphone and disrupting the audience, to surprise her with a slap followed by successive slaps, even when the audience was between them.

It is noteworthy that MP Al-Subhi Samara is an independent MP, and he was previously part of the “Dignity” coalition.

In an incident that sparked widespread controversy, the Tunisian House of Representatives was forced, yesterday, Tuesday, to move the parliament’s plenary session to the sub-headquarters of the Council, against the backdrop of the sit-in of the President of the Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, and her bloc’s deputies, since Monday night, at the main headquarters of Bardo Palace.

Today’s session was devoted to voting on an agreement between Tunisia and the Qatar Fund for Development on opening an office in Tunisia.

However, the session witnessed a disruption due to the rejection of the head of the Free Constitutional Bloc, Abeer Moussa, of the agreement and the demand that it be removed from the agenda. She staged a sit-in in the plenary hall.

In view of this, the presidency of the Council was forced to change the seat of the session to a subsidiary building in the former advisors.

Abeer Moussa joined the plenary session of the House of Councilors and caused chaos in order to disrupt the conduct of the plenary session and voting, which caused a state of tension.

And the council’s office had previously decided to prevent Abeer Moussa from attending its sessions and not to interfere in the plenary sessions twice in a row as a punishment for her for causing chaos.

For months, the media boycotted Abeer Moussa by a decision of the Journalists Syndicate, against the background of her insulting journalists and her refusal to apologize to them.

“Abeer Moussa” is an Emirati plot to sabotage Tunisia

It is known that the UAE has been working for some time to “strain” the tense political scene in the country, by inflaming the internal situation and sowing discord and strife among Tunisians in an attempt to strike the democratic path.

In this context, the Tunisian Observer website said that the war of powers is escalating between the two presidencies of the government and the republic in light of the dispute being fueled by the counter-revolutionary forces at home and abroad, most notably the UAE, the godmother of coups in the countries of the Arab Spring.

The UAE, through its pawns in the Tunisian street, most notably the Free Constitutional Party, seeks to bring state institutions to its knees and sow division among the political class.

The UAE does not miss the opportunity to mobilize its arms to strike the stability of Tunisia and thwart the first successful democratic experiment in the Arab world, and to repeat the Egyptian bloody scenario in the country.

The head of the Democratic Bloc in the House of Representatives, Muhammad bin Ammar, said that he has information and evidence confirming that Abeer Moussa, the leader of the Free Constitutional Party, received huge funds from businessmen, as well as the UAE’s support for her outside the law.

The sources indicated that Abeer Moussa is constantly receiving instructions from Emirati intelligence men to draw up updated plans to lead the counter-revolution, which aims to end all that the Tunisian revolution produced, most notably democracy.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, Noureddine Taboubi, warned of an ideological and religious conflict and attempts to divide countries, powers and lobbies for Tunisia, saying that all intelligence thrives in the country.

At an annual symposium for health sector executives in Tunisia, entitled “Belonging to the Labor Union” a “doctrine,” Taboubi considered that the feverish conflict in the country had harmed it in its relationship with international donors. Criticizing the publication of state institutions’ correspondence on social networking sites.

Observers believe that Taboubi was referring in his statements to the Free Constitutional Party, which is implementing plans drawn up by the Emirati intelligence to strike Tunisia’s stability and democracy and trying to prevail over the counter-revolution to end the gains of the Tunisian revolution in 2011.

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