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Tunisian journalist and activist Shams El-Din El-Naqaz held the Tunisian authorities responsible for any harm that befalls him, after he announced his rejection and opposition to Tunisian President Kais Saied’s coup against the constitution, his disruption of the parliament and the dismissal of the government.

وقال Shams Al-Din Al-Naqaz In a tweet to him via his Twitter account, which was monitored by (Watan): “I hold the new coup authority in #Tunisia responsible for any harm that I may be subjected to.”

The Tunisian journalist also called on everyone who follows him “to publish this post if he was arrested by the Tunisian security or military services, which started a campaign against journalists.”

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Shams Al-Din Al-Naqaz holds Qais Saeed responsible

Al-Naqaz held Qais Saeed responsible for the coup in Tunisia, saying, in a series of tweets monitored by “Watan”, that every free soul and in conformity with reality, will be against the coup against democracy in Tunisia, and every fool and extirpator, sadistic and bloodthirsty will be with the coup, this is the equation in Tunisia today After this coup that was carried out by Qais Saeed and his loyalists from the security and army, and all the positions that will be issued at home, will be historic.”

Shams Al-Din Al-Naqaz added: “Either the blessing of a coup d’état and the country’s entry into a cycle of chaos, dictatorship and one-man tyranny, or unified positions defending what remains of a fragile democratic transition. Shehab al-Makki, known as “Lenin”.

Al-Naqaz said that history will also witness, that neighboring Libya, was the only honorable international position until the moment, regarding the coup taking place in Tunisia, where it rejected what happened, but the weighty Western countries led by the United States and its sister Algeria are still watching the development of the internal situation until they issue a position It goes along with what is happening.”

The journalist Al-Naqaz added, “Everyone ignorant of the danger of involving the military in the political game, let him tell me about a single successful experience, in which the military turned against the civilian authority, a good prospect, whether socially or economically, or at the level of guaranteeing freedoms and supporting democracy. Indeed, the general rule says” The military did not enter politics without corrupting it.”

Shams Al-Din Al-Naqaz held Qais Saeed responsible for the coup, saying: “Qais Saeed is the first cause of the political crisis in Tunisia. As he wanted, he imposed failed ministers, but he did not succeed in controlling him, so he resorted to disrupting his work.

In addition to the above, Al-Naqaz says that Qais Saeed disrupted the work of Parliament and refused to ratify the establishment of constitutional institutions, so what paranoia is this? What is on his mind, and why did the Tunisian army get involved in his project? Will everyone agree to this full-fledged coup? I am not optimistic about these statements that the army will remain neutral, as all its moves so far are alarming.

A coup against the constitution or correct the course?

Tunisia is facing its biggest crisis since it tasted democracy 10 years ago, after President Kais Saied overthrew the government and froze the activities of Parliament in a move that appeared to be backed by the army, and political forces considered it an outright coup against democracy that carried Saeed to the presidency.

The new developments came, after months of crises and disputes between Saeed, Prime Minister Hicham Al-Mashishi and a divided parliament, at a time when Tunisia was plunged into an economic crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Said’s decisions deepened the state of division within the Tunisian street, as supporters of the two opposing teams threw stones in front of the parliament building on Monday morning, which led to injuries.

Bonds issued by the central bank in hard currency fell sharply today.

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Security forces stormed Al-Jazeera’s office and removed all journalists from it.

The situation is still characterized by ambiguity and ambiguity, as all parties have not yet announced their positions, although the most important political forces represented in Parliament openly announced their categorical rejection of Saeed’s decisions.

tunisian army

The army has not yet commented on Said’s movements, and it does not yet know its true position on what Said’s opponents say is an outright coup against democracy.

However, members of the army, police and security forces deployed in the streets and at official headquarters, and prevented Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi and his members from entering the Legislative Council headquarters.

An army unit was also deployed at the government headquarters in the Kasbah and prevented employees from entering the building today.

Rashid Ghannouchi

This morning, the movement’s president and parliament speaker, Rached Ghannouchi, considered the president’s recent decisions a “coup against the revolution and the constitution” and stressed that the Prime Time Zone would defend the revolution, and warned that Said’s decisions were “a mistake and will bring Tunisia and its Prime Time Zone into the darkness and the authority of one opinion.”

This morning, Ghannouchi began a sit-in in front of Parliament after he was prevented, along with other deputies, from entering the parliament headquarters by the army, who confirmed that they were closing it according to presidential instructions.

The “Dignity” coalition expressed its categorical rejection of the recent decisions announced by President Qais Saeed, and called on the Prime Time Zone to defend their freedom and revolution.

“The Dignity Coalition categorically rejects these failed coup decisions,” said the official spokesman, Seif El-Din Makhlouf.

Makhlouf added, in a video posted on his party’s Facebook page, “We call on the Tunisian Prime Time Zone to reject them (the president’s decisions) and to defend their freedom and the revolution of their martyrs and wounded.”

He believed that Chapter (Article 80) of the Constitution does not allow Saeed to take these decisions, and added, “When the matter reaches the President of the Republic to turn against the democratic path, freedom and revolution, we say to him: Stop.”

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