A Ugandan player loses his tracks in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, and the police are looking for him | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Japanese media announced the loss of the traces of a Ugandan weightlifter a few days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics in the western city of Ibzumisano.

Ugandan player and Japanese police

The Japanese authorities in the capital, Tokyo, said on Friday that the police and authorities in the western city of Izumisano are searching for a missing Ugandan Olympic player.

And the Japanese network, “NHK”, indicated that an official in the city in Osaka Prefecture noticed his disappearance during an examination to detect the Corona virus “Covid 19”.

The network added, “The Japanese police in Izumisano are looking for the Ugandan athlete participating in the Tokyo Olympics.”

Corona Virus

The Ugandan team arrived in Japan last month, but the training did not start until last week due to the discovery of two cases of the “Corona” virus in the team, despite the fact that all members of the team were vaccinated with the “Corona” vaccine before traveling to Japan.

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Tokyo Olympics

In the same context, the global “Reuters” agency reported that the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics decided to prevent the public from attending the Olympics due to the increase in cases of “Corona” virus in Japan and the declaration of a state of emergency in the capital.

For his part, American Kendra Harrison, the world time holder in the 100-meter hurdles, said that “the lack of fans will not affect her hopes of winning her first Olympic medal.”

Ingmar de Vos, president of the International Equestrian Federation, agreed with the statements of other sports federations when he expressed his understanding and respect for the organizers’ decision.

Tokyo Olympics start without spectators

He added, “The lack of fans in Tokyo is a pity, but the most important thing is to hold the Olympics and for the best athletes in the world to compete after years of preparing for this important moment.”

And she continued, “Although the atmosphere will be completely different, the athletes will focus on what they need to do in order to succeed and achieve their goals.”

Japanese authorities have urged residents to stop traveling between regions during the summer holidays and during Obon Memorial Day, when Japanese traditionally go to their relatives.

It is noteworthy that the start of the Tokyo Olympics will be from the 23rd of July this month to the 8th of August next month.

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