A unified Friday sermon calling for obedience to the ruler “even if your money is stolen” provokes outrage in Jordan | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Calls were renewed in Jordan for the dismissal of the Minister of Endowments and senior ministry officials, after yesterday’s Friday prayer sermon, which was devoted to talking about “obedience to the ruler.”

Critics objected to a phrase considered inappropriate in the Friday sermon, which states that the convict must obey the ruler even if he stole his money or flogged his back.

The clash was renewed on social media and through many statements, with a sharp and unprecedented attack on the unified “Obedience of the Ruler” sermon, which contained written texts that were echoed in a large number of the kingdom’s mosques.

The Ministry of Awqaf forces all preachers and imams to speak on the same subject in order to control the pace of religious discourse inside mosques’ pulpits.

The Friday sermon in Jordan causes a stir… an inappropriate phrase

The talk about obedience to the ruler was accompanied by a phrase that was considered inappropriate in that sermon and was based on a text in the Sharia that talks about the obligatory obedience by the governed to the ruler with the phrase “even if he stole your money or flogged your back.”

This phrase provoked a large number of citizens and officials, as the activist Muhammad al-Khatib demanded the dismissal of the Minister of Awqaf – at the least modification – especially with a campaign of very wide criticism of the title of the unified sermon, how it was repeated and delivered, and the nature of the current conditions, even the media owner Malik Obaidat spoke about obedience to the guardian if things went right. .

The comment of the Secretary-General of the Islamic Moderation Forum, Marwan Al-Faouri, was politically brief, as he said, “Whoever wrote that sermon offended the ruler.”

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The most prominent critic of that sermon was the prominent Islamic trade union activist, Engineer Maysara Malas, who demanded that those who planned this type of unified Friday sermon be punished on the grounds that they caused the mood of Friday worshipers to turn against the government and the state, meaning the opposite of the content and utterance of that sermon of preaching and religious guidance.

Malas’ point of view was about 15 minutes of religious discourse that ended with the establishment of a state of opposition to the state and the government that the partisan opposition may fail to produce for at least a year.

Those Friday sermons sparked a wave of controversy and negative comments in Jordan, especially as they were unprecedented and described their timing as “bad.”

dismissal of the Minister of Awqaf

Hence, calls have emerged to dismiss the Minister of Awqaf and Ministry officials for this performance that offends the state and the government and does not serve them, as many commentators have stated.

Maher bin Abdullah said: “Listen and obey, even if your back is whipped, your money is taken, and the one who left you behind is cursed and woe upon you, then imprisoned and killed you and left you to dogs and predators to eat your corpse!

He added: “Al-Izz bin Abd al-Salam said: Whoever stays in a village and spreads usury in it, and preaches about fornication, has betrayed God and His Messenger! The Prime Time Zone die of poverty, oppression, disease, worry and sadness, and they are sermons about obedience to the ruler.”

Another commented: “They shave and drum in the morning, but the texts of the Qur’an and Hadith are adapted to serve the politician, a calamity and God.”

Another said: “Obedience to the ruler is in what God and His Messenger have commanded, so there is no obedience to a creature in disobedience to the Creator, and the guardian is the ruler and the scholars, and some interpret it as being for the rulers only, and he does not mention the scholars.

Another commented: “The eloquent person who ordered his Friday unified sermons for this day about his obedience to the ruler (even if he whipped your back and stole your money.”)

He added: “He must be held accountable, as the result of his sermons today was to turn the worshipers against the ruling and the ruler and provoke them.

The Ministry of Awqaf did not comment on the controversy, and there was no comment from the government, but it seems that this religious sermon achieved high levels of resentment and popular annoyance.

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