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A video published by a citizen’s widow caused a sensation in the Sultanate of Oman A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Omani authorities, represented by the Ministry of Social Development, had to come out and respond to a widely circulated video of the widow of a citizen in the Sultanate Amman , And the big bang.

The ministry said in a statement published on its official Twitter page and monitored by (Watan) that it followed the video clip that is being circulated on social media platforms. About the request of the widow of an Arab citizen to obtain social housing and to enroll her hyperactive daughter in a private school.

The Ministry of Social Development is moving fast

Accordingly, the Ministry stated that the aforementioned had submitted to the Ministry earlier an application for social housing. It has been coordinated with the specialists at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, as they are concerned with social housing.

The aforementioned lady also applied – according to the Ministry of Development’s statement – to enroll her two daughters in a private school to learn both French and English.

The statement pointed out that because her two daughters are enrolled in a private school at the expense of a charity, the application was rejected.

The ministry also confirmed that the woman and her two daughters depend on the retirement pension of the deceased head of the family for their livelihood.

The family is also given cash and in-kind assistance on a monthly basis by a number of charitable societies and teams in the state they reside in.

The State Social Development Committee also submitted a proposal to the aforementioned about the possibility of searching for her with a lower rent house in another location to help her pay the monthly rents.

However, according to the statement, she refused to move from the area in which she currently lives.

Therefore, the Ministry affirms its continuous support in providing social assistance to individuals and families in need of assistance.

However, this is in accordance with the controls stipulated in the Social Aid Regulations issued by Ministerial Resolution No. (72/2014).

The reactions of the tweeters

This statement from the Ministry of Development sparked follow-up reactions among the Omanis.

One of the activists criticized him, asking: “Does the ministry encourage and advise the use of charitable organizations so that they can be taken into account in this statement? Instead of finding a radical solution to the problem ?!

The account addict of the Ministry of Development responded to him on Twitter, explaining: “There is continuous coordination between the ministry, charitable societies and social development committees.”

While Khalifa Al-Nawfali wrote: “This is the condition of the majority of the Social Security families, but most are silent, Hamed and Shaker, and his dignity is what allows him to see and demand.”

He added: “We hope that Her Excellency the Minister will strive to increase the salaries of this group with the difficulty of living now. Yes, the country is in a state of financial correction, but there is no loss for this group to live in a better condition .. Thank you for the clarification.

For her part, an activist criticized the statement of the Ministry of Development and considered that it does not have a solution to the problem, “on the contrary, it merely exposes the peculiarities” as described.

And she continued: “And I do not think of any human being who loves to humiliate and announce himself to charitable societies that are only capable of !!”

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