A video that shakes Iraq .. A father brutally tortures his son and the son is begging him to kill him to relieve him of the torment! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


A tragic video has spread on social media, showing a 14-year-old Iraqi child named “Mohammed”, from Basra, Iraq, seeking help after being beaten and abused by his father.

Iraqi activists said that the father chained his son to his neck, violently and electrocuted him, and took pleasure in torturing him.

The widely circulated video shows the child, “Mohammed”, with his face covered in blood, begging his father in a hoarse voice from crying a lot to kill him to relieve him of the torment.

The torture of the child Muhammad in Basra shakes Iraq

The video sparked widespread anger among Iraqis on the communication sites, who demanded that the father be arrested and held accountable for his brutal torture of his minor son.

And an Iraqi tweeter wrote: “God suffices me, and yes, the agent. I know why you fail and answer ignorant Prime Time Zone, if you come, you will torture them? Beating never mo breeding! Did you raise your son in a joyful and violent way?! Even criminals are not tormented by Haig.”

Another tweeter said: “This picture of a child named Muhammad was not tortured by strangers, but rather the one whose father tortured him in this brutal way until the child screamed and demanded death!!.” Domestic violence in Iraq can no longer tolerate more compliments, and this crime must be put to an end.”

Commenting on the video, journalist Zaid Al-Azami said: “Without exaggeration, Iraq needs a miracle.”

While a tweeter indicated that the child is currently in the hospital as a result of the abuse he was subjected to from his father.

A lawyer announces her willingness to adopt the child Muhammad

For her part, an Iraqi lawyer named Suha Muhammad Saeed al-Rubaie announced, through her Twitter account, her willingness to identify the abused child Muhammad, and bring him to the United States of America, where she resides. She confirmed that she would take care of everything from Baghdad to Washington.

She said: “With God’s help, I have the ability, but I don’t need you. Help me connect a machine, and I will be grateful to you for your number of young girls.”

She added: “Until now, I have not been able to reach the child Muhammad. I made contacts with my friends in Basra, and they tell me that he is not from Basra, and the community police did not come in such a case..”

shocking numbers

Officials in the Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed that 23 children were killed in separate cities of Iraq during the past year 2020, at the hands of their families, as a result of domestic violence that has been rampant in the country for some time, while about 50 others were admitted to hospitals because they were severely beaten leading to fractures or fractures. burns;

Baghdad, Diyala and Basra topped the crimes of violence against children, amid the continued obstruction of religious blocs and parties in the Iraqi parliament to pass a proposed law to combat domestic violence, claiming that it is a clone of Western laws that encourage girls, women and children to revolt, because there is a paragraph in it that stipulates the establishment of shelters for the abused and help them complete their lives The way they want and choose.

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Researchers consider that the stimulus in the phenomenon of violence against children is that the parents, or one of them, abuse their children instead of protecting them in a way that has never happened before.

For its part, the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, previously expressed its “deep sadness and deep concern about the current ongoing reports on violence against children in Iraq,” adding that violence has begun to escalate significantly, against children, since the beginning of the spread of Corona.


“While the home is supposed to be the place where children feel safe, it is not the same for the children of Iraq,” the organization said in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

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She added, “Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, UNICEF and its partners have noticed a noticeable increase in cases of violence and abuse against children within their homes and at the hands of their parents or caregivers,” stressing that “this is unacceptable.”

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