A video that shocked the Kuwaitis … a Kuwaiti assaulted an elderly migrant in the street for a shocking reason and frightened a woman who rescued him! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A video clip circulating on social media triggered a widespread wave of anger in Kuwait, which shows the moment of the attack of a Kuwaiti citizen on an elderly expatriate.

Kuwaiti assaults an elderly expatriate

In the video that Watan watched, the elderly are shown sitting in the street under the sun, while the citizen hits and kicks him with his feet, prompting a Kuwaiti woman watching the scene to intervene.

The woman screamed in the face of the attacking citizen and started cursing and screaming at him, which made him leave the elderly and run away from the place.

The lady’s behavior aroused widespread approval from the tweeters who thanked her and demanded that she be honored. They also demanded that the citizen who assaulted the elderly be held accountable.

Tribute and anger

Kuwaiti fascist Rawan Bin Hussein commented on the clip, saying: (I am very proud of what the lady did).

Activist Nasser Al-Manea wrote, praising the position of the Kuwaiti woman: (We thank the heroine citizen, may God increase her likeness).

Media journalist Hamad Qalam expressed his extreme anger because of what the elderly person was exposed to, and commented: (We ask the Minister of Interior to quickly lay down the arrest of this predecessor person who transgressed this poor poor!

Another also praised the woman’s behavior, and said: “It is not free for a person to be insulted in front of him and who does not feel offended.”

Shaheen’s account reveals the circumstances

In addition, the famous (Shaheen Snape) account stated that orders were issued by the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali, to open an investigation into the incident.

The account of (Shaheen Snape) revealed the reason for the attack of the Kuwaiti citizen against the elderly migrant, saying: (After issuing orders from the Minister of Interior, the Andalus Police Station summoned the expatriate who was beaten this afternoon and registered a case against the citizen, and after asking him about the reason for what happened, he reported that he carried out several acts for the citizen and did not He paid him his wages, and when he refused to work with him again, he beat him!).

The arrest of the Kuwaiti aggressor

Later, the Ministry of Interior announced that it was able to identify the identity of the attacker, through the license plate of his car that appeared in the video.

The General Administration of Security Relations and Media in the ministry confirmed in its statement, which it published via (Twitter) that as soon as the video clip was monitored, the security services moved to the site of the incident and saw the victim, who is an Asian national, and reported that he was attacked by a person because he refused to work for him.

The statement indicated that the elderly man was transferred to the hospital and a medical report was extracted for him, and the perpetrator was identified from his car plate and witnesses of the incident, and he was summoned and interrogated, a case against him was recorded and referred to the competent legal authorities.

In the conclusion of its statement, the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait affirmed that it does not accept such acts that are inconsistent with human rights, and that it will take all legal measures against those who carry out these behaviors that are offensive to the country of humanity, as they say.

An Egyptian guard holding four children

This video was not the first that caused an uproar recently in Kuwait. Activists circulated on social media a few days ago a video documenting the detention of an Egyptian school guard for a group of children in Al-Qusour area in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate in Kuwait.

The circulating video shows a Kuwaiti woman standing in front of a school door, knocking on the door forcefully, so that the Egyptian school guard opens the door and the four children get out of it.

The matter does not end to this extent, but the lady enters into an argument with the Egyptian school guard, and asks him why he closed the door on them and detained them, hinting that he was intending to violate their honor.

At the time, the video sparked a widespread wave of anger among the activists, who demanded the Ministry of Interior to investigate the video, reveal its circumstances, hold the Egyptian guard accountable, and deport him from the country.

Later, a security source revealed that the incident took place in Mulla Soliman School, and that what was said about the Egyptian guard’s detention of the four children was inaccurate.

A security source reveals the truth

The source indicated, according to what was quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai), that investigations and investigations revealed that the children jumped into the school in order to play, where the school guard detained them and informed the school director of the incident.

The source added: (The school guard saw them and scolded them and called the school principal and informed her of the accident, and in the meantime the mother of one of the children arrived after her child called her for help and took the filming, and another person called on the operations of the Ministry of Interior and informed them that the guard detained 4 children for the purpose of committing a crime. An indecent assault against them).

The source stressed that the children entering the school through the fence in order to play in the school’s football field is a repeated matter by the same children, indicating that the case was not restricted and the guard was released after the investigations and the report was saved.

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