A video that shocked Tunisians … Watch what a Tunisian security man did with a citizen during the day in Ramadan! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A widely circulated video clip in Tunisia caused a major wave of anger among Tunisians, as it showed a Tunisian security man practicing bullying against citizens during the day in Ramadan.

Orgy of a Tunisian security man

According to the clip that was broadcast on several Tunisian pages on the communication sites, the security man is seen pointing his pistol in the face of a citizen and pointing his weapon at his head.

The Tunisian security man also directed his weapons at a number of citizens, who intervened to end the dispute between them.

It was not clear from the video the reason for the tantrum in which the security man entered.

The clip caused a wide wave of anger among Tunisians, amid calls for the security man to be sued and for his suspension from work.

A video that caused a shock in Tunisia

In another context, the Tunisian authorities opened an investigation, after a video clip was circulated on social media, from inside a hospital, of a medical team dancing in the operating room during an operation for a patient, which sparked widespread controversy and shock in the country.

The video, published by a nurse on the application “TikTok” and has been circulating widely since Tuesday, shows a female medical team dancing to the music while undergoing an operation for a patient whose stomach appeared open.

Activists have widely condemned these scenes, which they described as “shocking and reveals a state of disregard for Prime Time Zone’s health.”

For their part, the authorities considered that this act is a departure from the principles of the profession and a lack of respect for the sanctity of the patient and his family, as well as a danger to the patient’s life.

Activist Fouad Al-Ahwal commented on the incident, saying: “We wonder how they forget the scissors in the patient’s stomach? Sometimes they forget wound dressings, and sometimes surgical gloves. ”

“The patient has an open stomach, between life and death dancing over him,” he denounced, while activist Aziz al-Ayyari denounced the medical team’s assault on the patient’s privacy.

The video sparked a wave of widespread anger in Tunisian circles, amid accusations of disrespecting the inviolability of the patient, calling for an investigation into the incident.

The Tunisian media, Shaima Bouhilal, denounced what happened, and wrote on her Facebook page: (My God, if you put us in the hands of a doctor or a female doctor without our awareness, then make him a boring doctor who is not progressive or open to medicine in France and America, and he will not photograph our intestines and our blood bleed and put them. On social media, Tik Tok or even Instagram).

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