A video without modifications reveals the real weight of Donia Batma and shocks her fans: (It will explode)! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Activists on social media circulated a video of Moroccan artist Donia Batma from one of the private weddings that she revived.

Donia Batma appeared with a surprising appearance, as she seemed to be very overweight than she appears in her photos, especially as she appeared without modifications, and she was wearing a white kaftan, performing an Egyptian song, and trying to dance on it an oriental dance, while the audience interacted with her.

Activists expressed their shock at the appearance of Donia Batma and her excess weight, and their comments stated: (Her cheeks and everything in her explodes).

Another commented: (It is forbidden for her to settle in herself).

Another expressed his shock at the shape of her body and wrote: (Yeah, why is her body like this).

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A follower called her (Dunia a seal), in reference to her increase in weight.

Yesterday, the Moroccan singer surprised her audience with a new look that she will appear in the clip of her next song, entitled (I have a readiness).

Through her official account on (Instagram), Donia Batma announced the launch of the promo for the clip, and wrote in its text: (The promo of my song was downloaded on YouTube, see it and give me your opinion. The link is available in the story as well as in the bio, I am ready).

The Moroccan artist also published a picture of her from the clip, in which she wore black leather pants that stick to her body, revealing all its details, with a jacket in the same color.

And she adopted a strange hairstyle, and put an accessory on her lower lip, in the fashion of outlaw biker gangs, and put on cosmetics to match the look.

Donia Batma: This is the secret of my appearance change

In another context, Butma broke her silence for the first time, and revealed the reason for changing her appearance drastically, denying that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Donia Batma said in a video interview with the “et in Arabi” program: (I have not undergone plastic surgery at all, after the areas I pulled the filler from, and I slept early and took care of my skin, nothing more than makeup, only mascara and gloss).

The Moroccan artist indicated that all she did was change her appearance to change her psyche only.

And about her recent trend, with her bold pictures, Butma said: (Praise be to God, the pictures are loved by everyone and all my followers, whether in Morocco or abroad in all the countries of the Arab world, and this is evidence of the love of Prime Time Zone).

Donia Butma’s name appeared on social media after this statement, stressing that they did not and will not believe her.

Donia Batma imitating Marwa salary!

Recently, Donia opened a wave of controversy and wide comments, reaching the point of comparing her to the Syrian actress, residing in the UAE, Marwa Ratib, in her recent pictures.

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Donia Batma appeared wearing a white t-shirt, a short tight colored skirt, and bright purple shoes, and styled her hair in a loose style.

Butma and Marwa Ratib

Followers of Donia Batma, in the last pictures, likened the Syrian artist residing in the UAE, Marwa Ratib, because of the emergence of her waist in a remarkable way close to the waist of “Marwa”.

Commentators accused Donia Batma of performing a waist sculpting operation to imitate Marwa Rateb’s body.

Sports shorts

Donia Batma returned a few days ago to stir controversy in the latest photos she published on social media, in which she appeared in black shorts.

Donia published the photos through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a sporty look, consisting of black leggings, a T-shirt in the same color, and black sports shoes as well.

Donia completed her look with jewelry that included anklets on her feet and a beige bag, leaving her hair hanging down.

Butma commented on the photos, sending a message to her fans: (I love you all).

Despite the message of love to her fans, she was attacked and criticized for her daring clothes and the way she sat on the sofa, which some considered indecent.

Donia Batma once wore an orange cashmere, in the photos she posted on her official account on the Instagram application.

Butma with cash swimsuit

And Donia Batma went even further, when she published a picture of the swimsuit alone, as an advertisement for the brand that she is promoting.

Donia Butma again angered Moroccan women, who accused her of harming their reputation with her daring clothes, along with her sister, Ibtisam Batma.

Ibtisam Butma in swimsuit: (ignoring the looks)

It is not the first time that Butma has appeared in swimsuits, as the Moroccan artist and her sister, Ibtisam and Iman, crossed all the red lines, and appeared in the swimming pool weeks ago.

The beginning was when Ibtisam Batma published a group of photos that she collected with her sister Donia and Iman Batma in the swimming pool, and showed only the upper part of their bodies, which shocked their followers with the audacity they reached.


Ibtisam Batma wrote on one of the photos a comment that said: (Ignore words and looks, and if necessary, ignore Prime Time Zone).

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