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A warning message from Sudan to the Emirates: A country located beyond the seas wants our land to be distributed .. We will not accept and the region will be affected! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan, Malik Agar, expressed his country’s rejection of the Emirati initiative to resolve the border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia.

The UAE is an overseas country

“Abu Dhabi wants to divide the area and Khartoum will not accept that,” Agar owner said. The Emirates, which are located overseas, want to distribute our land. This matter will cast its shadow and repercussions on the region.

He added, “There was no conflict in Fashaqa, which is Sudanese land.”

He pointed out that “the defunct regime led by ousted Omar al-Bashir is the one who created the crisis and nurtured it like a snake, up to the stage of its sting.”

Tension has prevailed between Sudan and Ethiopia since the Sudanese army redeployed in the Fashaqa border region last November. And his announcement after that the recovery of 95% of the fertile land that was exploited by Ethiopian farmers, under the protection of armed militias.

Emirati initiative

It is worth noting that, days after Khartoum supported the Emirati mediation proposal in a dispute with Ethiopia over the borders and the Renaissance Dam. A high-level Sudanese delegation headed to Abu Dhabi, in response to the initiative.

In recent months, tensions have escalated over control of agricultural land in the Fashaqa area, on Sudan’s border with Ethiopia.

The talks reached a dead end over the operation of the Renaissance Dam, which will affect the quantities of water flowing to the downstream countries, Sudan and Egypt.

The UAE did not talk about the latest mediation proposal between the three countries, rather it was the Sudanese Minister of Information, Hamza Balloul. Who said, that the transitional cabinet supported the UAE mediation proposal after studying it at the ministerial level.

Egypt remains silent

Egyptian political analyst Amr Al-Shobaki is likely that Cairo will study the Emirati mediation proposal.

He said, “Not commenting does not mean rejecting the initiative, as it reflects the state of lack of confidence in the Ethiopian negotiator.”

He added, “Egypt looks at all the previous mediation and bilateral dialogues that failed, and there is fear of continuing the Ethiopian evasiveness.”

So far, no one has disclosed the content of the Emirati initiative, but Al-Shobaki believes that any mediation does not include “a real opportunity to bind Ethiopia to a binding agreement that organizes the process of the second filling.” It does not give it the right to unilaterally fill the dam, it will be a waste of time. “

Al-Shobaki believes that the difference lies in the fact that Ethiopia stems from the concept of sovereignty over the river, while Egypt relies on international law that regulates the work of rivers in the downstream and upstream countries, and provides for the cooperation of all countries that share the river.

Sudan had proposed a quadripartite mediation mechanism on the dam that would include the African Union, the European Union, the United States and the United Nations.

Egypt, the other party in the stalled talks, supported that proposal, but Ethiopia, which said it supports the resumed negotiations led by the African Union, did not.

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