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Today, Tuesday, a court in Kuwait decided to compensate a husband in the amount of 20,000 dinars (equivalent to 66,000 dollars) in a lawsuit against his wife, who was proven to have cheated on him with more than one man.

Infidelity took place with 13 men!

According to Kuwaiti media, the court decided to compensate the husband after discovering that his wife had betrayed him with 13 men and exchanged pornographic messages with them.

No further details were provided regarding the identity of the couple and the details of the incident in Kuwait.

The incident provoked the comments of Kuwaiti tweeters, and one of them wrote: “You see this news as a social fallout that you do not publish. I mean, what does the court compensate a husband for infidelity with money? Why did the honor put it down for him?”

Another wrote: “With 13 men betrayed (physical!)? The news is unfathomable.”

And a tweeter asked: “How did you manage to settle my anger, and where were you? How did you not know about your wife?”

recurring incident

It is noteworthy that about a month ago, a Kuwaiti citizen filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, demanding compensation of half a million Kuwaiti dinars, equivalent to (1.6 million US dollars) for the material and moral damages he sustained after discovering her betrayal and separation from her.

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At the time, a ruling was issued for the wife to be imprisoned for two years, her custody was revoked, and a temporary compensation was imposed on her ex-husband at the amount of 5,001 dinars ($16,600).

And the husband discovered his wife’s infidelity through Snapchat, without revealing other details about the case.”

Reasons for divorce in Kuwait

According to local studies and reports, among the most important causes of divorce in Kuwaiti society are financial conditions, boredom, routine, addiction and forced marriage.

Among the reasons are “the parents’ failure to allow the husband to see the woman during the courtship period, marital infidelity and lack of trust, whether from the husband or wife, social networking sites, and unfairness between wives.”

Also among the reasons are “extreme jealousy, interference by parents and violence against wives, as well as some wives resorting to divorce in the hope of financial benefits provided by the state for divorced citizenship.”

Statistics from the Ministry of Justice revealed that in 2020, Kuwait witnessed an increase in marriages and a decrease in divorce rates, compared to 2019, when the number of marriages increased by 1,000 cases over the previous year.

The statistics indicated that “out of 12,973 marriages that took place in 2020, 82% of them were Kuwaiti men, the majority of whom married Kuwaiti women, and 1,044 Kuwaitis married non-Kuwaiti women.

According to official figures, for non-Kuwaitis, the total number of registered marriages has reached 2,025, including 418 non-Kuwaiti marriages with Kuwaiti women.

And that the majority of divorce cases that occurred were among citizens, as the total number of divorce cases reached 5,932 in 2020.

An official study issued by the Ministry of Justice expected the number of divorce cases to reach 8,906 cases in 2022, after it was 7,575 cases in 2018, an increase of up to 1,331 cases, until the total number of divorce cases within 10 years reached more than 83,000 cases.

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