A Yemeni participant attacks the jury in a talent program .. This is the truth of what happened! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A Yemeni participant in a talent discovery program sparked mockery among the pioneers of social media, after he attacked the jury because of his poor performance.

Zero evaluation!

The participant in the “Yemeni Talents Talent” program is shown standing in front of the jury, carrying a guitar in his hand, and starting to perform the song “Arak Taroba” by Muhammad Murshid Naji.

The members of the committee appear in a state of astonishment and shock at the Yemeni young man’s voice, because of his bad performance and voice, which made one of them ask him to stop singing, saying: “I cannot be courteous, but if there is an evaluation, it will be zero.”

Another member of the committee demanded that the young man leave the room, but the latter became angry and refused and said, “I complained, I paid the hotel fees.”

Ghazi is in trouble

The matter developed in the violation of the young participant of a member of the arbitration panel, which forced the security to intervene and resolve the engagement. He was kicked out of the test room.

It turned out that the video, which was published by the media, dates back to last year, and it is from the landfill program “Ghazi in Trouble”, on the channel “Al-Mahrah.”

It is a light comic program and rigid pranks with the stars that were broadcast after Iftar last Ramadan.

Yemeni drama in the shadow of Corona

In another context, Yemeni channels faced great difficulties last year in completing their production Ramadan series. As a result of wandering around filming areas due to the new Corona virus, many Yemeni series have stopped production. In its final stages of filming.

“The channel encountered great difficulty in completing filming and producing.” Its strongest Ramadan series for that year is “Sons of Qahtan”.

It is a Yemeni Bedouin series that was being filmed in Amman, Jordan, and as a result of the urban wandering there due to the repercussions of Corona. The completion of his filming has faltered, although a large part of it was completed.

Al-Munifi explained at the time in a press interview that “Al-Mahriya” had replaced its own series, “Children of Qahtan”, by broadcasting the series. Another ready made by a Yemeni production company for the biggest Yemeni stars in Sanaa.

He mentioned that the series is “Dam al-Gharib,” which was broadcast in conjunction with the “Yemen Shabab” channel, which had to be replaced. With it about their own series, to fill the void in the Yemeni drama caused by the Corona pandemic.

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