Abd al-Latif Makki explodes with anger, and Moncef Al-Marzouki supports his words .. What is the story? A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Emirati vaccines, which were secretly sent to prominent officials in Tunisia, sparked a new controversy in the country, after calls for it to be returned to Abu Dhabi as a rejection of the UAE media’s insult to Tunisia.

Return the UAE Corona vaccines

And the former Tunisian Minister of Health, Abd al-Latif al-Makki, called on the Tunisian Prime Minister, Hisham al-Mechishi, to return the UAE Corona vaccines to Abu Dhabi.

Al-Makki said, in a Facebook post monitored by “Watan”: “Mr. Prime Minister, I think you should return the amount of vaccines. Immediately to its source because we did not want it and because we do not accept abuse, as happened in their media.

Mr. Prime Minister,
I think you should immediately return the amount of vaccines to the source
Because we did not want it and because we do not accept abuse, as happened in their media

Posted by Abdellatif El Mekki on Friday, March 5, 2021

Moncef Al Marzouki and the same request

And this request was joined by the former Tunisian president and head of the Ennahda Party, Moncef Marzouki, who said in a statement. Watan monitored him: “Yes, I agree with Abd al-Latif al-Makki’s proposal.”

Marzouki added: “I share every Tunisian and every Tunisian outrage at the leaking of the story to its media exploitation. Return to the rulers of the Emirates for their vaccinations. ”

Marzouki added: “The despicable manna does not fall on the Tunisians, you, the worst enemies of the liberation of our Prime Time Zone and our nation, and the night must pass away.”

Yes, I agree with Abd al-Latif al-Makki’s suggestion, and I share every Tunisian and every Tunisian outrage at leaking the story to its media exploitation.
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Posted by Moncef Marzouki on Thursday, 4 March 2021

The arrival of vaccines is late

In turn, Suhail Al-Alwini, former head of the Parliament’s Health Committee, confirmed that “the arrival was late Vaccines to Tunisia This is due to the instability the country is experiencing. ”

Al-Alwini explained that “the delay in enacting a law demanded by international laboratories that produce vaccines (before delivering vaccines), to ensure that vaccine waste is taken care of, is due to the political crisis in Tunisia.”

This controversy comes at a time when Tunisians were supposed to receive doses of the Corona vaccine since mid-February.

In turn, the Tunisian government says it is closely following the issue of vaccines arriving in Tunisia.

Tunisia was expected to receive thousands of doses of the German-American “Biontec / Pfizer” vaccine, in the middle of last month, as part of the global “Kovacs” initiative, but these vaccines did not reach the country.

The beginning of the crisis

Earlier, the Tunisian parliamentarian, Yassin Ayari, said that the UAE ambassador in Tunisia informed Tunisian diplomats that his country had presented a gift to the presidency of the republic, 100 doses of the Coronavirus vaccine.

Al-Ayyari added, “After Radio Mad said it, and our colleague Badr El-Din Al-Gammoudi, head of the Parliament’s Anti-Corruption Committee, said it. The matter is no longer a secret if: Yes, the Covid vaccination has entered Tunisia.

Al-Ayari continued: “The UAE ambassador to Tunisia, I inform Tunisian diplomats that his country presented a gift to the Presidency of the Republic, 100 doses of covid vaccination.”

He continued: “I learned about the matter through them a few days ago, and I do not see that the matter in itself is a scandal or a problem.”

He added, “The President of the Republic, the Head of Government, Ministers of Sovereignty, members of the Supreme Council of Armies, marginalized” ordinary citizens. ” Not for themselves, but for their characteristics closely related to the national security of Tunisia.

A gift from a foreign country

He continued: “A gift from a foreign country? This is not new! Tunisia and other countries receive donations every day. The pity is the lack of transparency! ”

He continued: “We hear through leaks, on radio, or by the head of the Parliament’s Anti-Corruption Committee. Or through what the UAE ambassador to Tunisia tells diplomats. 100 doses! Shakun take me Shakun What do I fear on what basis? Why discreet? Ask the presidency. ”

The Tunisian MP added: “As for Parliament, as a representative, we did not receive vaccinations. Do not talk about the topic at all. The day it reaches Parliament, you will be the first to know! You don’t want to cure these things.

And he continued: “If I am offered to be vaccinated before you, I will refuse to register my name so that 400 thousand other Tunisians have been registered on the website that the Ministry of Health has placed for the purpose. How can my role be communicated according to priority based on scientific factors, once we vaccinate.”

Tunisian popular anger

This has sparked news that Tunisian politicians have received doses of the vaccine against the Covid-19 virus, at a time when the country is still waiting for shipments of the vaccine, a widespread controversy in Tunisia.

The local “Radio Mad” radio station quoted a diplomatic source as confirming that a number of politicians had received anti-Covid-19 doses, which were provided to Tunisia from an Arab country.

According to the same source, the vaccines, which a number of politicians benefited from, did not enter the country through official channels, and were not monitored by the customs services.

In turn, the journalist, Burhan Bseis, confirmed that politicians received vaccines against the Covid-19 virus in the form of gifts that were likely to have been passed through diplomatic bags.

He added, “While other politicians traveled to Arab countries to receive vaccinations, while Tunisians are still awaiting a comprehensive vaccination campaign,” as he put it.

Parliamentary call

In the context, the Tunisian parliamentarian, Khaled Qassouma, called for an investigation into the access of politicians to vaccines, while the epidemic is spreading among the popular circles in Tunisia.

Parliamentarian Khaled Qassuma also called for judicial cases to be brought by politicians to obtain the vaccine through parallel methods, considering that the silence of the official authorities regarding this news confirms its validity.

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