“Abdel Ghaffar”: Health insurance is at the top of the priorities of “Kafr El Sheikh Commercial” this year


The Kafr El Sheikh Chamber aims to cover all its members with a comprehensive health insurance system during the current year.

Hatem Abdel Ghaffar, head of the Kafr El-Sheikh Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chamber has set one of its top priorities this year to provide a comprehensive health insurance program for its members through two axes, the first with all health insurance hospitals, and the second contracting directly with «doctors, private hospitals, radiology centers, and laboratories Analyzes ».

Abdul Ghaffar indicated that the Chamber seeks to provide a comprehensive health care program for registered subscribers, and will contract with the “Enaya Insurance” company, which was selected from among the advanced companies due to its submission of the best offer to contract a comprehensive health insurance program for the 150,000 affiliated merchants.

Abdel Ghaffar explained that the hospitals that were contracted directly provided the Chamber with a discount of up to 50%, which includes examination and conduct of operations, while pharmacies offered a discount of 10% on imported medicine and 15% on locally manufactured medicine, and laboratories provided 25% discount.

He continued that the Kafr El Sheikh Chamber seeks during the current year to advance in the classification from the second category to the first within the classification of chambers of commerce, and was able to fulfill 80% of the conditions and controls that are required to be met, the most important of which is “increasing the number of members, the number of qualitative Prime Time Zone, and developing their resources.”

He added that the chamber opened the door for submitting applications for candidacy to »7 new divisions, including ready-made clothes, cars, milk and their products, and auto parts», provided that the applications will be received until mid-March.

The Chamber’s president said that he plans to establish a new headquarters for the Chamber of Commerce in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, on an area ranging between 350 and 450 square meters.

Abdul Ghaffar indicated that the Board of Directors unanimously approved the establishment of the new headquarters for the reception, given that the number of affiliates reached 150,000 compared to 140,000 at the beginning of 2019.

He explained that the Chamber bears the cost of establishing the headquarters, which amounts to 20 million pounds, and that it has been fully provided from the general reserve of the Chamber and will be pumped in several stages until its completion, following the approval of the Minister of Trade and Industry.

The article “Abd al-Ghaffar”: Health insurance is one of the top priorities of “Kafr El Sheikh Commercial” this year, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.