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Although 44 years have passed since the death of the Egyptian artist Abdel Halim Hafez, his life is still a mystery to this day, especially the love stories and marriage rumors that followed him in his life and death.

I got married 4 times!

And (Nightingale) usually ignores rumors that talk about love relationships that brought him together with artists who participated in his films, but in a rare issue of Al-Kawakib magazine published in 1957, Abdel Halim decided to respond through an article titled (I married 4 times with suspended execution).

Abdel Halim Hafez said in his article: (Our eastern nature does not accept that an artist meets an artist in a movie unless it is said that they have a love story, especially if the events of the film link them to a love relationship within the events).

And Nightingale noted in the article that the kisses that the audience sees in the movies are not real at all, stressing that he does not blame the well-meaning Prime Time Zone who believe these rumors, but he blames the bad-willed who invent these lies and rumors, and insist on Prime Time Zone to believe them.

Shadia sought divorce in order to marry Baldab!

In his article, Abdel Halim Hafez detailed some of the rumors that were launched about him and revealed their reason, including when he starred in the movie “The Melody of Loyalty” in front of the artist Shadia.

Shadia had recently married the artist Imad Hamdi, and the rumor confirmed that she was seeking a divorce from him so that she would marry Abdel Halim Hafez, and that many disputes had arisen between her and her husband, Imad Hamdi, because of her love for Nightingale.

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And Nightingale explained in his article how he acted towards this rumor, stressing that he ignored it and remained silent until she died alone, adding: (I was a new face in the movie, and Prime Time Zone did not know any information about me, which contributed to the spread of the rumor further).

Amal Farid and Abdel Halim Hafez

The late artist talked about the audience getting married to him for the second time, during his third movie (Nights of Love) when a rumor spread confirming his connection to a love story with the artist Amal Farid and that they were preparing for marriage.

Abdel Halim Hafez noted that he also remained silent about this rumor, as he was convinced that it was the only way to kill her, wondering that this lie was not only repeated by the public, but was written by some journalists who have a personal relationship with him and know a lot of information about him.

Samia Jamal concluded Nightingale from Lubna Abdulaziz

As for the latest rumor that Abdel Halim heard during that period, according to what was mentioned in the article, he liked the new face at the time, Lubna Abdel Aziz, who is co-starring with him in the movie “The Free Pillow.”

The rumor stated that Nightingale’s love for Luna was the reason for her selection to star in the film, stressing that this lie may last for some time and will not die as quickly as its predecessors until the filming of the film is completed and after it.

And the fourth representative of her husband who broke the rumors to Abdel Halim Hafez was Samia Gamal, who in his article sarcastically mentioned that they married her to her on the Sunnah of God and His Messenger.

Abdel Halim revealed the reason for this rumor and said that when he traveled to Beirut, he sang at a party where Samia Gamal was dancing, and the fantasies weaved this rumor.

And the late Nightingale confirmed at the time that this rumor was the one that eliminated the rumor of his love for Luna Abdulaziz, and that he had never met Samia Jamal except on the day of the party that brought them together in Beirut that day, and the rumor spread when they were brought together by a second party after that.

And Nightingale concluded his article by asking: (Why are these Prime Time Zone chasing me with rumors, if I like, I will announce my love to everyone, in the end I am a farmer from the villagers, and I will not be associated with an artist if I want to marry because I want my wife not to be distracted by me).

Soad Hosni married Nightingale in secret

And Jihan Abdel Moneim, the sister of the Egyptian artist, Soad Hosni, had revealed a few weeks ago a lot about the details of her sister’s life, from her secret marriage to Abdel Halim Hafez to her controversial death.

Jihan said in statements to the Egyptian (Ten) TV, that her sister, Soad Hosni, married the artist Abdel Halim Hafez for 6 years, in a customary secret, and that he was the first man in her life.

Jihan confirmed that Nightingale refused to announce the marriage at first because of his fans, and that he nominated Soad Hosni for the movie (Girls and Summer) after her successful movie (Hassan and Naima).

On the scenes and the reasons for the separation, Jihan indicated that her late sister felt insulted by Nightingale’s excessive jealousy and some other problems, so she decided to separate from him.

Jihan Abdel Moneim confirmed in the same meeting that her sister Souad Hosni (she was killed and did not commit suicide), adding: (Soad was killed by treachery, and it is known who killed her).

Jihan revealed that her late sister had agreed on a play before her death and that she intended to present it after returning from London and that she regained her grace before death, asking: (How can she commit suicide?).

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