Abdul Khaliq Abdullah defends the UAE’s use of the Pegasus program to spy on neighboring countries | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Emirati writer, Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, defended the accusations leveled against his country regarding the use of the Israeli Pegasus spy program, claiming that it is normal for countries in the world to spy on each other.

Abdul-Khaleq Abdullah said: “The talk of the hour is about the Israeli Pegasus program, which was used to spy on the phones of kings, presidents, politicians, media professionals and activists, monitoring their movements, penetrating their data and revealing their secrets.”

Abdel-Khaleq added, in a tweet monitored by Watan: “There is nothing new in the matter, as all countries of the world spy on all countries of the world, and no country is innocent of the espionage activity that took unprecedented technical dimensions.”

Abdul-Khaleq Abdullah’s confession causes a sensation

The tweet sparked widespread controversy, and social media pioneers considered it an admission of the Emirati academic, who is close to the decision-making circle in Abu Dhabi, of using the Israeli spying program.

And a tweeter said: “What is new in the matter is that the UAE is spying on media professionals and politicians from its citizens and from other countries, and not on countries to consider it not a new thing.”

Another commented: “The question: Is it madness or indifference and slander based on the abundance of money?! Or is it a green light from international intelligence when it finds the UAE in all these spying actions around the world?!”

While another said: “We understand that (a state) is spying on (a state) to learn about a technology, an industrial field, or a major company against a major company like it.”

However, he added, “But what is the matter with the Prime Time Zone spying on individuals to steal a personal picture? What is the benefit of that for a state?”

Jassim told the Emirati writer: “You know, as I know the UAE has a number of scandals in America. It is clear that the UAE used political money in the time of Trump. We only say God is in Bakhsh’s help.”

“This means a frank confession from you,” Abdo Al-Daghar said.

Israeli spying program

Earlier, the French newspaper Le Monde confirmed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed had requested, through the “Pegasus” program of the Israeli company NSO, to spy on Lebanese politicians and media professionals.

According to the French newspaper, Saudi Arabia and the UAE used the “Pegasus” spy program developed by the Israeli company NSO to track senior Lebanese politicians.

Benjamin Bart, the author of the article published by the newspaper under the title “In Lebanon, the Gulf kingdoms are being watched, both friends and enemies,” indicated that the list of Lebanese personalities targeted by the Israeli spy program for the Saudi and UAE authorities during the years 2018 and 2019 includes a wide range of names .

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This comes, starting with President Michel Aoun and former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and ending with a large number of ministers, journalists and ambassadors, passing through the Director of Lebanese Public Security, Abbas Ibrahim, Central Bank President Riad Salameh, and executives from the Lebanese “Hezbollah”.

According to the article, the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, asked the Israeli company, Pegasus, to target the political class in Lebanon on behalf of the Kingdom.

Bart stated that the list includes about 300 phone numbers starting with +961, the key to the Lebanese Republic line, although he indicated that it was not possible to determine whether all these phones were hacked by the “Pegasus” malware.

spy activities

Le Monde’s article came amid the controversy sparked by a report published last Sunday by a group of international media about the dimensions of the espionage activities practiced by the clients of the Israeli company NSO around the world.

The report was prepared on the basis of a list obtained by the network “Forbidden Tales” (based in France) and “Amnesty International”.

The list also includes 3 current prime ministers, who are the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, Egypt, Mustafa Madbouly, Morocco, Saad Eddin El Othmani, and 7 former prime ministers who were targeted by espionage, while they were in their positions, including the Lebanese Saad Hariri and the Belgian Charles Michel.

French newspaper Le Monde said that the phone of French President Emmanuel Macron and former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe was spied on through the Israeli “Pegasus” program “by Moroccan intelligence.”

The newspaper pointed out that “this matter took place in 2019,” in addition to spying on 14 ministers in the French government.

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