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Activists on the communication sites circulated pictures of the Palestinian youth from Jenin, Abdul Rahman Abu Jaafar, who hosted the two captives, Ayham Kammji and Nafeat’s fighter, in his home before the three occupation forces arrested the three after besieging the house they were in.

And Abd al-Rahman Abu Jaafar, a 29-year-old Palestinian man, embraced his family as Mumji and Nafi’at in their home in the eastern areas of Jenin in the occupied West Bank. After liberating themselves from the Israeli Gilboa prison, they crossed a tunnel they dug, despite the strict security fortifications around the prison.

Abdul Rahman Abu Jaafar

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported that Abu Jaafar is a new groom, and his wedding celebration on September 1 did not prevent him from embracing the two prisoners after they escaped from prison and succeeded in reaching Jenin camp.

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The agency confirmed that Abu Jaafar is now completing his honeymoon in the occupation cells, adding that “this is the fate of the Palestinian groom, who wanted to complete his wedding ceremony with an endless Palestinian wedding.”

The Palestinian Authority breathed a sigh of relief after the arrest of the last two Gilboa prisoners

In an article published this morning, Sunday, on the website of the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, Israeli writer and political analyst Gal Brieger said that even after the arrest of Ayham Kammaji and the Anfiat activist, it is still too early to know the impact of the arrest of the Palestinian prisoners who liberated themselves from Gilboa prison. on the Palestinian street.

In his article, Brieger believed that their arrest prevented the outbreak of a major conflagration in the Palestinian territories, because since their escape until the arrest of the last of them hours ago, it made the Palestinians and Israelis live the last days on a sensitive chord.

He added that the Palestinian Authority was also afraid of a clash scenario, because at that time it would find itself in great distress and embarrassment: on the one hand, Israel would demand them to hand them over, and on the other hand, the Palestinian public would not accept such a handover.

Therefore, the Palestinian Authority may have breathed a sigh of relief so that matters would not devolve into such a scenario, which it was standing on the threshold of, according to his claim.

Brieger added, in his article, that “the arrest of the last two prisoners who roamed freely, was carried out with minimal damage, and they were reached in their hideouts, with relative speed, and with a dangerous security work, thanks to accurate intelligence information and forces on the ground, without causing casualties on both sides. Regarding the arrest of the two prisoners, their aides were also arrested, and they were armed.”

He pointed out that “the fact that the two prisoners were not killed in an exchange of fire, and were arrested without a fight, greatly reduced the possibility of clashes that could have erupted in the West Bank in terms of individual attacks in the West Bank, or the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip, knowing Palestinian assessments in Gaza said that Hamas refrained from escalation so as not to steal the spotlight from the issue of prisoners, and curbed the occurrence of unrest that Hamas hoped to ignite in the West Bank.

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He stressed that “it can be said almost with certainty that the names of the two fugitive prisoners who were arrested hours ago resembled a large fire lighter, but it was avoided, which formed a light at the end of the tunnel, in light of the intense work carried out by the General Security Agency – the Shin Bet and the army, Next to the police and border guards, who captured the other four fleeing a week ago inside Israel.”

Arresting the prisoners will not mitigate the depth of the Israeli failure

He added that “the recent arrest of the six prisoners cannot mitigate the depth of the devastating Israeli failure demonstrated by their success in escaping from the security wing inside Gilboa Prison, because these six have long since become heroes in the Palestinian street, and entered the pages of the history of the Palestinian struggle in prisons, and in general did not turn Re-arresting them is an Israeli legend.”

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He pointed out that there are a number of questions that are still being asked about the two prisoners hiding in a house located in the eastern Jenin neighborhood, four kilometers from the refugee camp, the same crowded and armed camp, whose fighters announced that they would do everything in their power to prevent the Israeli army from reaching them. and provide their full capabilities to accommodate them.

The Israeli fear was that if they took the expected step, and tried to enter the camp, in this case something that Israel did not want to happen would happen.

Details of the re-arrest of Ayham Kammaji and Nafaat’s activist

The Israeli occupation forces announced, at dawn on Sunday, the re-arrest of the two prisoners liberated from “Gilboa” prison, Ayham Kammji and the Nafeat activist, in the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

A spokesman for the Israeli occupation forces said that in a joint operation between the army forces, Al-Yamam forces and the Shin Bet, the last two prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison were arrested, and they were arrested alive in Jenin and sent for investigation.

The arrest of Ayham Kammaji and Nafeat’s fighter

Israeli media reported that “two Prime Time Zone who helped the two prisoners were arrested, and they were transferred to the investigation.”

Israeli media published a picture of the two prisoners at the moment of their arrest in Jenin.

The city of Jenin witnessed violent confrontations during the military operation that it witnessed and led to the arrest of Ayham Kammaji and the Nafeat fighter – according to what the correspondent of Al-Mayadeen satellite channel said – noting that “a large force of the occupation invaded Jenin and surrounded its houses, and the Prime Time Zone responded with bullets.”

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A number of Palestinians were wounded in the confrontations that erupted in Jenin after armed clashes with the occupying forces that penetrated the city.

And Israeli media reported that “large forces of the Israeli army entered the eastern part of Jenin as part of the security forces’ activities to find out the whereabouts of the two prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison and have not yet been arrested.”

And the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, indicated that “the Israeli forces cordoned off a specific house in the place.” While the Israeli media pointed out that “the Yamam Special Unit withdrew from Jenin after the arrest of two prisoners who escaped from Gilboa Prison.”

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